Add Short Videos, GIFs, and Photos To WhatsApp Status, Share Status with Others

Hey Folks! WhatsApp has introduced a whole new Status feature. Earlier this feature was available with the beta version, but now anyone can use this feature. WhatsApp has replaced that boring text status with the feature to add short video, animated GIF, or photo as your WhatsApp Status. You can record a video or select a video from the gallery and set it as WhatsApp status. This feature is quite similar to Instagram stories and Video Snapshot of Snapchat. WhatsApp always listens to its users and present them what they wish. WhatsApp users were waiting for this feature desperately and now this wait is over. You all can add a short video, animated GIF, or photo as your WhatsApp status.

Apart from this, WhatsApp Status privacy feature is also improved. Now you have the choice if you want to show your WhatsApp status to all your contacts or to some specific contacts. So without worrying about who is gonna watch your video status, you can set the status privacy as per your wish.

Have a look at the image below. What you see is the new Status section. Using this section, you can create your video/photo/GIF status, view it and see status of other contacts.

WhatsApp Status feature

With the introduction of this feature, some changes have also been made to WhatsApp interface. Earlier, there were CALLS, CHATS, and CONTACTS sections present. Now, you will first see a Camera icon, then CHATS, STATUS, and CALLS sections. Now to update your WhatsApp status, you need to use this section. The three vertical dots icon available at the top right corner under STATUS section is used to set your WhatsApp status privacy.

Have A Look At The Points That Cover Everything Related To New WhatsApp Status Feature:

  • You can record 36 seconds video and then set it as your WhatsApp status. Video can’t be trimmed.
  • You can use any GIF, photo or video available in your phone’s gallery. If video length is huge, then it is trimmed to 45 seconds automatically.
  • Your status is deleted automatically after 24 hours.
  • You can add multiple statuses, but the status that you uploaded last will be visible to others. When you delete a particular status, then the next status in queue is set as your current WhatsApp status automatically.
  • You can set who can see your status: Your Contacts, Your Contacts excluding some specific contact, and Share status with some specific contacts only.
  • People who can view your WhatsApp status also reply to your Status by accessing the Status and using Reply option. The reply is sent to you as message in the chat conversation of that person.
  • You can also see who have viewed your status.
  • When you have read the WhatsApp status of a contact, the next status is played automatically.
  • You can also share your status to any contact.
  • Only those can see your video, photo or animated GIF status who have updated their WhatsApp and who are permitted to view your status.

start using new WhatsApp update feature

So now you know everything related to this new WhatsApp feature. Go ahead and upload your very first video, animated GIF, or photo status on WhatsApp. Here, one thing I really want to add is that people (including me) also missing the old text status which is gone now. Maybe, this will be back in future updates, who knows. The text status feature of WhatsApp is available once again 😉

It’s really amazing that WhatsApp provides fantastic features to its users time to time. It provided the feature to search and share GIPHY GIFs, video calling, videos as animated GIFs, new font, and a lot more. This time, it has brought feature to make your WhatsApp status interesting by adding short videos, photos, or animated GIFs. WhatsApp first rolled out this feature in Europe and now it is rolling out worldwide. If you can’t wait anymore, just update your WhatsApp account if you haven’t updated already, and use it.