Use WhatsApp To Send Any Type Of File (APK, EXE, Etc) Under 100 MB [Android]

WhatsApp has finally come with feature to send any file under 100 MB. Whether you want to send APK file, EXE, or some other file, WhatApp now lets you do this without any other app. Earlier, WhatsApp brought PDF file support feature. Now, this new feature of WhatsApp helps to send any type of file with your WhatsApp contacts. A lot of users were desperately waiting for this feature (including me) and there it is.

WhatsApp has started rolling out this feature to send any type of file to WhatsApp contacts (on Android, iOS, and WhatsApp Web). If you haven’t received this feature yet, you will get it very soon. Check if there is any update for your WhatsApp app on your device and then try to send some EXE or APK file. WhatsApp video to GIF and video sharing support is already available. So, you need to send some APK or other files to confirm that you have got this feature. In the meanwhile, you can have a look at the image below. As you can see, an APK file is sent by me using the native feature of WhatsApp.

send any type of file on whatsapp

When you receive this feature, open a chat, use Attach icon and then tap Document option. Select some file for sharing. This is it! You will be able to share that file that you were not able to share before on WhatsApp. There are many other ways to share files on WhatsApp, as we all know. Just remember that maximum limit for a single file to share on WhatsApp is 100 MB for Android Devices.

For iOS users, this limit is 128 MB. If you are using WhatsApp web, then size limit for a file is 64 MB.

Before this feature, when we try to send some APK or EXE file, we were not able to do that. Or else, we had to use some third party app to share unsupported files on WhatsApp. But not anymore. WhatsApp takes some time but provides updates that users want in WhatsApp.

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Personally, I am quite happy with this WhatsApp feature of sharing any file. I was actually waiting for it since a very long time. Many other users were also waiting for this feature and this wait is over now. This feature has made WhatsApp better than before. Some more features (like undo sent messages) are also on the waiting list. For now, we can enjoy sharing any type of file directly using WhatsApp.