Twitter Sidebar Firefox Add-on, Browse Sites and Use Twitter Together

Here is a simple Twitter sidebar Firefox add-on that will help you use twitter while working on other tabs or browsing different sites. You will remain updated about what is happening on your Twitter account in real-time. The sidebar will help you access Twitter as it is. That means, you can follow/unfollow people, read feed, post tweets, reply to a particular tweet, mark tweets as favorites, etc. The only difference is that you will be using Twitter in a sidebar on Firefox browser.

The Firefox add-on that I have covered here for this purpose is known as “Twitter as a Sidebar“. Its name itself clears the purpose of this add-on. No matter how many tabs you have opened, it won’t interfere with those tabs. You can switch between tabs, open any webpage, etc. It will only provide a sidebar visible on the left side and help you login to your Twitter account and use it.

The best part is that you can also adjust the width of Twitter sidebar. You can expand or shrink it as per your comfort. When something is not visible clearly, you can expand the sidebar and when you need some more space while using an active tab, you can reduce the size of this Twitter sidebar.

access twitter using sidebar in firefox

In the screenshot above, you can see profile of our Twitter page is visible in the sidebar provided by this add-on. Everything that can be done when using Twitter in a tab is possible using this sidebar.

Using this add-on is also very simple. You can open its homepage using the link added at the end of this review. Install it and a sidebar will visible on your Firefox browser. Using it, you can login to your Twitter account.

This is it! Now you can use Twitter even when you are working on other tabs.

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For Twitter lovers, this is a very useful add-on. You don’t have to keep open or reserve a tab for Twitter while working. Just take the help of this add-on and use Twitter in a sidebar. The good thing is that you don’t have to customize settings to use the sidebar. I wish there would be some hotkey to toggle sidebar, but that’s OK. Feature to adjust the width of sidebar makes it good to use.

Visit This Add-on Homepage.