Take Webpage Snapshot Using Opera PC Browser and Save It As PNG Image

Opera desktop browser is getting new features and improvements in developer build and beta mode. That means we are going to have interesting features in the stable version of desktop Opera. In fact, stable release is already providing new features. Recently, it comes with option to export Opera bookmarks to PC as HTML file. There are many other features like unit converter,  resume button for interrupted download, etc. Taking webpage snapshot is also a new feature of Opera desktop. Now you can take full webpage screenshot or a specific part and save the snapshot as PNG image.

This new snapshot feature is introduced in Opera 48 version. Before you go ahead,  here are a few points to consider:

  • Webpahe snapshot feature is not available in the latest stable release of Opera (which is Opera 47). This feature is currently available in Opera 48 (beta version).  So, you must have installed Opera 48 to use this feature.
  • You can use Snapshot feature using the Opera sidebar.
  • You can use Opera stable and Opera beta versions separately. So, if you are using stable version of Opera, you don’t need to uninstall it for using this feature. You can install Opera 48 separately and enjoy using this feature.

take snapshot of webpage using opera pc browser

Steps To Use Opera Browser To Take Snapshot of Full Webpage or Specific Part:

1). Make sure you are using Opera 48 desktop browser. If yes, simply launch the browser.

(2). Right-click on Opera sidebar and select ‘Snapshot‘ option.

select snapshot option

This will add Snapshot icon on the sidebar of Opera.

3). Open a webpage and tap on Snapshot option. It will give you two options. You can either select a specific area or Capture full screen (means full webpage from start to end).

use snapshot icon to take snapshot of full webpage or specific area

When snapshot is captured, a preview window will open. Using that window, you can snapshot to PC as PNG image.

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Many users are gonna benefit with this built-in feature of Opera browser to take whole webpage snapshot or capture a specific area screenshot. It will also save time of users. Try this feature and help others also.