How To Set Colored Text Status In WhatsApp with Custom Text and Colored Background

Howdy folks! WhatsApp has come with a new colored text status feature. Now, you can publish your WhatsApp status with custom text and colored background. This makes WhatsApp status feature more interesting. In one of its previous updates, WhatsApp came with a feature to set photos, short videos, and GIFs as WhatsApp status. In addition to that, now you have the choice to add a text of your choice with a colored background for your WhatsApp status.

There are 5 different fonts for text and multiple colors available for status background. There is no word limit, but yes the font and background colors are limited in choices. You can change font and background to try different combinations and publish the best one as your WhatsApp status. If text and background color are not enough, then you can also add emoji in your status.

In the image below, you can see how WhatsApp’s colored text status look with one of the font and colored background combinations. If there is a link in WhatsApp status, then you can also tap on that link and open it in a browser in your phone. One more thing is this new feature has not replaced About feature of WhatsApp (which brought old text status feature on WhatsApp). Both works separately. This is just a new addition to WhatsApp status.

WhatsApp colored text status

Earlier, this WhatsApp colored text feature was in beta. Now, WhatsApp has started rolling it out to all Android and iPhone users. If you haven’t got this feature yet, you are gonna get it very soon. You can also update your WhatsApp and check if you have received this feature. After that, you can update WhatsApp status with colored background and text of your choice.

Steps To Set Colored Text Status On WhatsApp With Text of Your Choice and A Colored Background:

1). Open WhatsApp and switch to STATUS section.

go to WhatsApp STATUS section

2). You will see a ‘Pen‘ icon just above the Camera icon. Click that Pen icon.

click pen icon

3). Now you can type text status of your wish. You don’t have to worry about the number of characters or words to use in status.

type your text status

4). To change font, tap on ‘T‘ icon available on the left side. And to change the background color, tap on ‘Color Palette‘ icon. There are limited choices for font and background color, but still, it looks nice. May be, there will be more font and color options in future updates.

change font and background color

To add emoji in your text status, you can use Emoji icon and choose from the list of available emoji. Apart from that, you can search Giphy GIF and add it along with text status, but then the text will appear at the bottom of GIF, which doesn’t look so cool. So, adding emoji with your text status is good.

This is it! When you are ready, press the Send icon to make your WhatsApp colored text status live. Rest of the features are same as available already. That means you can add Status privacy to set who can see your status, check the total number of views for your status, others can reply to your status, etc.

Final Thoughts:

WhatsApp Messenger is gaining more and more popularity with its time to time updates. I am quite happy to see this colored text status for WhatsApp. This is another way to share what you’re feeling using WhatsApp. The best part is that your text status will more clearly present your thoughts as you will be able to add your own text with a colored background. Though the number of fonts and background colors are limited, this feature has made WhatsApp even better.