How To Search Emoji On WhatsApp and Share With Any WhatsApp Contacts

WhatsApp brings a new feature to share emoji on WhatsApp and share with any WhatsApp contacts. This is another interesting feature that is gonna benefit all WhatsApp users. Emoji are now one of the popular ways to share or express feelings. A lot of times, emoji are used in replacement of text to share what you feel about a particular message. With this new emoji search feature of WhatsApp, it is become easier to quickly find a particular emoji and send it to your WhatsApp chat.

Whether you want to use emoji search on WhatsApp group or a particular chat, you can do it easily. Just access emoji panel and then use Search icon. After that, you can type text related to a particular emoji, and the search result will display suggested emoji that fits your search query. As an example, if you will search for ‘heart’, then it will display all results related to heart emoji.

Earlier, WhatsApp brought a similar feature using which we can search and send GIPHY GIFs within WhatsApp. Now the feature to search WhatsApp emoji is there to easily find emoji and send it. In the image below, you can see that I typed some text and search result displayed emoji related to that specific text.

search emoji on whatsapp and send it to whatsapp contact or group

This WhatsApp feature is currently available in the beta release, but soon it will be available in the stable version of WhatsApp with the new update. If you have joined WhatsApp beta program and your WhatsApp is up to date, then you can enjoy this feature right now. Otherwise, you can wait till this update is available in the stable version of WhatsApp.

Steps To Search Emoji On WhatsApp and Send It To Any WhatsApp Contacts:

1). Open WhatsApp and access a group or your WhatsApp contact.

2). Access emoji panel. Now you will see that a ‘Search’ icon is visible at the bottom left corner. Use that Search icon.

access emoji panel and click search icon

3). Now you can use the keypad and type the text related to emoji that you want to search for. After that, you can see emoji suggestions in the search result.

Select an emoji and then send it. This is it! So simple.

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Sometimes, it is difficult to find a specific emoji on WhatsApp. There are different categories, like people, objects, travel, animals, etc. So accessing those emoji categories and finding the emoji that you want to share is not easy sometimes. Therefore, I believe this feature to search emoji on WhatsApp is a nice addition. Try this feature yourself.