Turn On Alt+Tab Like View for Firefox Tabs To Switch Between Tabs

On pressing ‘Alt+Tab’ hotkey or shortcut, Windows shows the preview of opened programs, applications, folders, etc., and lets you switch between those programs. Firefox has come with a similar feature. You can preview as well as switch between Firefox tabs in Alt+Tab like style using a hotkey. For that, you first have to enable a simple option and then use Ctrl+Tab shortcut to see Firefox tabs in Alt+Tab like style. You can continue pressing ‘Ctrl’ key and then tap on ‘Tab’ key to switch between Firefox tabs.

Just like Google Chrome, Firefox also come with Ctrl+Tab feature to move from one tab to another. The problem is that pressing Ctrl+Tab key directly moves you from current tab to next tab. This built-in feature enhances the same Ctrl+Tab feature. When this feature is activated or enabled, you can use Ctrl+Tab shortcut in Firefox to see all the opened tabs in Alt+Tab like style.

In the image added below, you can easily see that Firefox tabs are visible in Alt+Tab like view. Before you start, kindly note this Firefox feature can preview tabs for active window only. That means if you have opened multiple Firefox windows, then pressing Ctrl+Tab hotkey won’t show tabs of background windows.

alt+tab like view visible for firefox tabs

Steps To Turn On Alt+Tab Like Style for Firefox Tabs:

1). It is the simplest step. You have to open your Firefox browser.

2). Click the Open menu icon (hamburger icon) available on top right part of Firefox browser. After that, tap on ‘Options‘. You may look at the screenshot added below for reference.

tap options

3). Options page of Firefox opens with General menu. This menu has different options. You need to scroll down the options’ list and then go to ‘Tabs‘ section. There you will see ‘Ctrl+Tab cycles through tabs in recently used order‘ option. Select it.

enable ctrl+tab cycles through tabs in recently used order option

This is it! You have done that. Now press Ctrl+Tab and then you will see that Firefox tabs are visible in Alt+Tab view style. You can switch from one tab to another without leaving the current tab and then release the hotkey to access the selected tab.

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Final Thoughts:

I just like Windows Alt+Tab shortcut as it helps me preview as well as switch to opened applications, folders, etc. Thanks to Firefox, it has brought the similar feature to switch to opened tabs in Firefox using Ctrl+Tab keyboard shortcut. I was expecting the same for Chrome browser, but that feature is currently (at the time of writing this guide) not available in Google Chrome. Firefox users (like me) must be happy to have this feature. If you also use Firefox as your main browser, then switching between Firefox tabs using Alt+Tab like style would be a good feature to try.