How To Take Text and Voice Notes Using Google Assistant In Google Keep

Google AssistantΒ is a powerful virtual personal assistant. You can use it to ask questions, tell it to send a reminder, play your favorite playlist, and lot more. Earlier, I presented a guide to send WhatsApp messages using Google Assistant. Well, this mighty personal assistant program from Google isn’t limited to that task only. It can work with a lot of other apps to perform quick actions on your smartphone. One of those quick actions that I really like is taking text and voice notes using Google Assistant and save them to Google Keep.

You might already be using some other note-taking app(s) on your Android smartphone to curate important info and save reminders. But, using Google Assistant for storing text and voice notes is simpler. You just need to use some simple voice commands to take notes and save them in your Google Keep account.

Take Notes Google Assistant

As I mentioned earlier, Google Assistant can work with a lot of other apps. So, instead of taking text or voice notes in Google Keep, you can use some other note taking app also.

I personally prefer Google Keep because it is reliable and easy to use. On the other hand, the process to take notes using other apps requires a couple of extra steps. Such steps can be stripped off using Google Assistant which can listen to your voice and save notes to keep on the fly. Speak voice commands to invoke it and then direct it to save the note.

Let me know if Google Assistant doesn’t work with other app(s). For now, I am covering this guide to store voice or text notes via Google Assistant.

Before getting started, have a look at these important points:

  • Google Assistant is only available for devices running Android 6.0 or above. If you are on lower Android version, then this method will not work.
  • I’m assuming that you have already configured Google Assistant and trained it to recognize your voice. If not, then you need to open the Google app on your phone and do it. In case you need some help, then you can follow this guide to set up Google Assistant and customize it.
  • You must have installed Google keep or some other note taking app supported by Google Assistant for storing text and audio notes.

Now, you’re all set to use Google Assistant for storing notes.

Steps To Take Text and Voice Notes Using Google Assistant In Google Keep:

1). Say “Ok Google” to invoke Google Assistant. Now, ask it to “take notes” or use any other phrase of the same context to let it know that you want to take some notes.
google-assistant-voice-command-to-take-keep-notesDo note that if you have multiple note taking apps on your phone, then on the first go, you might need to select the app to proceed further to save notes. So, select the app and then move to the next step.

2). Now it will instantly ask you to dictate the note. Once done, Google Assistant will start saving your Google Keep voice note. You can see the same in screenshot below.

google assistant saving the voice note in Keep

If you don’t want to save the dictated note, then tap on the “X” button before the slider reaches to the “βœ”” icon.

Once the slider has reached “βœ”” icon, your spoken note will be saved in Google Keep.
google assistant voice command to take voice notes

3). Open Google Keep app and you will see your newly added note is stored there.

As I told you above, it saves the notes in text and audio formats as shown in the screenshot added below. The voice clip in the note saves your voice when you dictate the note to Google Assistant.
voice note saved in google keep app

Benefits of using Google Assistant to take Notes In Google keep:

  • You can take notes even if your phone is locked. Google Assistant can automatically unlock your phone (only when your phone is charging) or you can invoke Google Assistant from the lock screen (if not on charge) to take notes by dictating it.
  • Taking notes by typing can be boring sometimes. In such cases, your Google Assistant will come in use.
  • Your text and audio notes are automatically synced to all your devices (if using same Google account in other devices).

So this is all about this guide to take and store notes using Google Assistant in Google Keep. I really think this is one of the quick actions that you would love to check out as it is so useful. You don’t have to open any app or use one liner reminders to take notes; just dictate them to Google Assistant and get them saved instantly. Stay tuned for more exciting tips and tricks on Google Assistant.

  • esquif

    Thanks. Works great. Very useful.

    • Aj

      Your most welcome πŸ™‚

  • Koni Reynolds

    When I use OK Google for my list it automatically goes to my Google shopping list and I cannot find a way to re-direct it to Google Keep. Any suggestions?

    • Aj

      @konireynolds:disqus , are trying to open Google Keep using Google Assistant or want to add a note to Google Keep using Google Assistant. For both the cases, it is working fine. I just said, OK Google and then ‘Open Google Keep’, and it simply opened Google Keep containing all the notes. For the second case, you can try OK Google and then ‘take notes using Google Keep’ or ‘take note Google Keep’ and it will help you do that. Hope it will help πŸ™‚

      • Koni Reynolds

        Thanks – I have tried all that and i can open Google Keep but no matter what I ask it to add, or what list I ask it to add to, it puts everything on my google account shopping list and I cannot find a way to get rid of that list or to make Google Keep my default list.

        • Aj

          that’s a bit strange. For me, it doesn’t add note to predefined tag, but adding a note successfully to Google Keep.

  • Jeremy Daw

    Google’s product naming scheme is creating problems for themselves. I have the “Google Home” device, which is also known as the “Google Assistant”, which is the same name for that service on Android Phones…additionally I have an app called “Google Home” on my Android (that includes nest, google wifi, etc.). After all this confusion “Google Assistant” on the “Google Home” device cannot access Google Keep. Oh, btw, I hate saying “Ok Google”, it’s nerdy and worshippy. Google please give your device a name and a personality.

  • Andrew Hamilton

    unfortunately Google is not very patient and start saving the note while I’m trying to think of the next line to dictate. It works okay for one-liners if you’re really quick about thinking what you need to say