How To Send WhatsApp Messages Using Google Assistant In Any Language

Hello friends! Today I am going to explain how to send WhatsApp messages using Google Assistant in English and some other native language. You must have already installed Google Assistant and using it to quickly access apps, schedule appointments, find restaurants, and many other things with just simple voice commands. I myself use it to turn on/ off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, make calls, and do other things regularly. Recently, I discovered a new trick by which I was able to send messages to my WhatsApp contacts including WhatsApp groups using Google Assistant. So, I couldn’t resist myself from sharing it with you guys. Yes! You can use Google Assistant to send WhatsApp messages. Moreover, Google Assistant lets you send WhatsApp messages online as well as offline, as it also accepts offline voice commands.

To use Google Assistant to send WhatsApp messages, it first asks you to speak the name of the WhatsApp contact to whom you want to send message and then it prompts you to speak up the message. Once you have done this, Google Assistant will ask whether you want to change the message or send it. If you don’t want to send message, then you can also cancel it with just a simple voice command. Or else, you can simply send that message to that particular WhatsApp contact. It sounds really cool, isn’t it!

You won’t have to go through a long process to send a short WhatsApp message or leave the current app to send WhatsApp message using Google Assistant. Just say “Ok Google” and then send a WhatsApp message without even typing. Just go through the full tutorial to know how you can do it and enjoy WhatsApp chatting through Google Assistant. If your preference language is other than English, then I have also included some tips for you.

Before proceeding, you should also have a look at the following points:

  • You can send WhatsApp messages even if your device is locked. For that, you need to allow Google Assistant to wake up your phone.
  • You don’t neeed to keep WhatsApp opened to send messages via Google Assistant.
  • You can’t attach files, photos, etc., while sending messages.
  • You can also use Google Assistant to send messages to your contacts via default messaging app on your phone and Hangouts.

So, these are some important points for you. Now before getting started, make sure that your Google Assistant is nicely set up. I am assuming that you have Google Assistant up and ready for some action.

Let’s See Steps To Send WhatsApp Messages Using Google Assistant In English Language:

1). Call Google Assistant by your super magical voice saying “Ok Google” and then speaking “Open WhatsApp”. You are not bound to speak only this phrase. You can also speak something else like “Send WhatsApp message”, “send WhatsApp message to XYZ (contact name)”, etc. Just to keep it short, I tend to speak “Open WhatsApp”. Otherwise, the choice is all yours 🙂

call google assistant to open whatsapp

2): If everything goes perfect, you will see a screen as shown above. Google Assistant will now insist you to speak up the contact name (if you haven’t already). If you want to skip saying the WhatsApp contact name, then you can directly say “send WhatsApp message to XYZ”. Replace xyz with the contact name.

3). Next, Google Assistant will ask you to speak up the message content. After you have said your message, Google Assistant will ask whether you want to change the message or send it. Do changes if you want or simply send the message by saying ‘Send’ command.

speak up message to send

This is it! Google Assistant will take care the rest and send that message to that particular WhatsApp contact.

whatsapp message sent by google assistant

If you want to change the message, then say “Change message” command and again speak the message that you want to deliver or simply say the “Send” voice command to deliver the WhatsApp message straight to your contact’s WhatsApp inbox.

If you want to discard the message, then simply say “Cancel” and Google Assistant will say “Ok! No problem” and cancel the process.

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So this is how you can send WhatsApp messages using Google Assistant in your native English language.

Use Google Assistant To Send WhatsApp Messages In Your Native Language (Other than English):

Note: Google Assistant Currently supports Hindi, Japanese, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and French. It will support more languages like Italian, Korean, etc., in future updates. Thanks to one of our readers (Bob) to help us notice that.

If English is not your native language and you want to send WhatsApp messages in your local language more accurately, then follow these steps:

1). Install your local language package from Language & Input settings of your phone. I have added a screenshot below to demonstrate the same.

download and install your native languages

2). Now, set your local language as the default system language for your phone and then open Google Assistant app as you might require to set up Google Assistant again.

3). After setting up Google Assistant, follow the steps mentioned above and you will now be able to send messages in your native language easily and accurately.

So now you know this trick to send WhatsApp messages using Google Assistant in English or some other language of your choice. Try it yourself and share with others. Isn’t that pretty easy and interesting? I guess it is! Just dictate your message and send it to any of your WhatsApp friend or group via Google powered personal assistant.

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  • razorree

    I can use Google Now to send SMS (command: ‘send message to Eva’) – everything is recognized and i can dictate message later and send it.

    However, when i try ‘send whatsapp message to Eva’ (or ‘send hangout messsage to Eva’), assistant says: ‘You don’t have an account for Eva Martinez’.
    I can send Whatstapp or Hangout message to that person manually (so i have these accounts, right?)

    I found problems like that on internet, for Nexus 6P mainly, but there was no solution at the end…
    Android 6.0.1 MMB29M

    • Rahul Bhayana

      Hello razorre, first I want to know whether you are using Google Now or Google Assistant as both of these entities are different. Well, as per my understanding I can suggest you to first rename your contact and see if it works or not. If it doesn’t then try to delete and enter the contact again. Next, I will suggest you to check if you are using WhatsApp Beta or not. If you are then check this method for the non-beta version as in most cases WhatsApp Beta is filled with bugs. Also, make sure you have a single contact named as “Eva” and delete redundant ones. If it still doesn’t work, then try reinstalling WhatsApp. I am not quite sure whether your problem will be fixed or not but these are some troubleshooting tips from my side that might help you 🙂

      • pogo

        Same problem here although Google Assistant sends the message anyway. tried everything you suggested but it still says “you don’t have an account for xyz” Really annoying.

        • Rahul Bhayana

          Well, I can totally understand how annoying it can be. I hope your problem be fixed in next Google app updates 🙂

  • bob1988

    I’m sorry but the part regarding “Use Google Assistant To Send WhatsApp Messages In Your Native Language (Other than English)” is just not true: Google Assistant is still not developed in Italian for example, if I switch the System Language the part of the assistant in the google app disappear.
    I chose to use Google Assistant since I started to get the well known issue in google now when you try to send a whatsapp or telegram message: I get the stupid answer “You don’t have an account for XYZ” while if the screen is activated, you can see that the google app recognize the contact, but the interaction with the voice recognition does not work!

    Back to the “Native Language” problem, I have to set the system language in English (US) otherwise I do not have the assistant at all, I have downloaded the Italian package for offline recognition and added the italian language in the voice preferences (tried setting it as default and not-default). It simply does not work!

    Let me give you an example: try to set your System Language as English (US) (the only language I understand other than Italian), download Italian package and set Italian language in all the other preferences you need/want.
    Now start the assistant and say “Send a Whatsapp message to XYZ” and then “Ciao come stai”, you will see that it recognize something else in English language.

    • Aj

      Hi Bob, You are right! Google Assistant currently available in English, Hindi, French, Japanese, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. May be, the next update will support more languages, especially Italian 🙂

  • Richardson

    With me works fine (pt-BR), “but” I can´t done/send message, Google stops in last screen and I can´t say something like “do”, “send”, …