How To Send Videos As Animated GIFs On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the choice of millions and it deserves this. It is perhaps the best messenger and it has earned this place because of its fabulous features. WhatsApp brings new features time to time to keep its users happy. Whether I talk about its new secret font, options to send documents and other files, video calling feature, etc., we just love everything about WhatsApp. People were desperately waiting for option to share videos as animated GIFs. Now this feature is also available in WhatsApp (both Android and iOS devices). I have covered Android part here.

Before we move further, there are a few important points:

  • Any video available in your Gallery can be sent as animated GIF.
  • The maximum length to share a video as animated GIF is 6 seconds.
  • We can’t use record button to first record the video and send it as animated GIF.


So, these are points that should be taken care of. Now let’s see the steps.

Steps To Send A Video As Animated GIF On WhatsApp Without Using Any 3rd-Party App:

First of all, update your WhatsApp messenger. Check if there is any update available in your region or not. If not, then you have to wait a bit more to get this feature.

After updating WhatsApp, follow these steps:

Step 1: Access Gallery using WhatsApp and select a video. Now you will see a Video icon. Do note that this icon will visible only if video is set to 6 seconds or less. So, if the icon is not visible, first adjust the video length.


Step 2: Toggle video icon and you will see GIF icon on the same place. This indicates that now you can send that part of video as animated GIF.


Send the video and this is it! The video will be converted to animated GIF automatically and sent to the receiver.

Likewise, you can convert and send any video as GIF on WhatsApp. No need to use some external app (like GIPHY). All the sent and received GIFs are saved in separate section.

Whether you want to share any favorite moment from a movie or have the need to send a short clip as animated GIF on WhatsApp, it is now possible with the native feature of WhatsApp. Although, we can’t share a recorded video as GIF yet, we can expect this feature also in future.