How To See Group Policies Applied To Your Windows 10 PC

Local Group Policy in Windows 10 is a crucial feature that allows users to configure different type of settings. As an example, you can use Group Policy to enable or disable F12 developer tools in Microsoft Edge, turn on or off live tiles in Start menu, disable taskbar right click menu, and lots more. Over the period of time, you might have also used different settings in Group Policy window. It becomes difficult to keep track of applied Group Policies because each Group Policy folder contains lots of settings. We need to manually check settings to find the applied group policies. This task can be done in a simpler way with the help of ‘Resultant Set of Policy‘ ¬†tool of Windows 10.

This Resultant Set of Policy is a built-in tool in Windows 10 which shows only those Group Policies which are currently applied to your Windows 10 PC. Instead of showing you the list of all Group Policies, it shows the filtered list.

In the image below, you can see interface of Resultant Set of Policy window. It looks similar to Local Group Policy. The only difference is that it shows folders and settings related to those Group Policies that are currently enabled or disabled in your Windows 10 PC.

applied group policy visible

You can also double-click on a setting to view properties of that setting. However, this Resultant Set of Policy can’t help you enable/disable a setting. For that, you have to use Local Group Policy window.

Before you start, do note this tool isn’t an alternative to Local Group Policy. It helps to show only those Group Policies that are currently enabled/disable in your PC. Therefore, this tool is good to try.

Steps To See Group Policies Applied To Your Windows 10 PC:

1). Press Win+R to open Run Command. In command box, type ‘rsop.msc‘, and click OK.

type rsop.msc in run command

2). You will see a ‘Resultant Set of Policy is being processed…‘ box. The processing will take a few seconds only.

resultant set of policy is being processed

3). Resultant Set of Policy window is opened.

resultant set of policy window showing applied group policies

On the left sidebar, you will see Computer Configuration and User Configuration menus. Under those menus, Group Policy folders are available. Only those folders are visible whose Group Policy settings are either enabled or disabled. You can explore those folders and see which settings are currently applied.

Final Thoughts:

So, this way Resultant Set of Policies tool helps to see Group Policies applied to your Windows 10 PC. As a part of my work, I regularly apply different Group Policies. And this tool helps me keep track of those Group Policies so that I can take necessary action later using Local Group Policy. You may also try it and help others as well.