How To Export Bookmarks In Opera PC Browser As HTML File

Opera PC browser now supports feature to export bookmarks as HTML file. This was one of the most awaited features of Opera desktop browser and now all Opera users can benefit with it. The feature to export bookmarks to PC is already available in all browsers (say Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc.). Finally, Opera also supports bookmarks export feature natively. This feature has come with Opera 47 version.

All the bookmarks that you export are stored in the categories you have saved them. So, when you will open HTML file of Opera bookmarks, you will be able to see bookmarks in different categories like Bookmarks Bar, Unsorted Bookmarks, Trash, Speed Dials, and custom Bookmark folders.

opera desktop bookmarks exported as html file

The image visible above shows my Opera PC browser bookmarks visible in an HTML file. The HTML file can be imported to Opera or some other browser anytime.

Steps To Export Bookmarks In Opera PC Browser As HTML File:

1). Update your Opera browser to the latest version orĀ use the download page of Opera to download its latest version. After that, you need to launch the browser.

2). Tap on Opera menu icon > Bookmarks > Show all bookmarks.

use opera sidebar to access all bookmarks

It will open Bookmarks page of Opera. You can also use ‘Ctrl+Shift+B’ hotkey to access bookmarks page.

3). In Bookmarks page, click on ‘Export bookmarks‘ option.

click export bookmarks option

4). Save As window will open. You can select the destination location, give a name to the output file, and then all your Opera desktop bookmarks will be saved in the output HTML file.

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Final Thoughts:

A lot of other features like webpage snapshot, unit converter, and more are going to be a part of Opera browser. Updates are necessary so that Opera may remain in competition and attract more and more users. Therefore, some new features like this one (export bookmarks) are introduced in Opera desktop.

Opera users must be very happy to have this feature. Now they have a built-in tool in Opera browser to export or save all bookmarks as a single HTML file. It’s a nice option to backup Opera bookmarks and then import them in Opera or any other browser.