How To Highlight A PDF File In Microsoft Edge and Save PDF With Highlights

Microsoft Edge is getting new features with every update of Windows 10. With Creators Update, it came with set tabs aside, preview tabs, and other features. Now with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, few more interesting features have been added in it, and highlighting a PDF file in Microsoft Edge is one of those features.

Now Microsoft Edge natively supports PDF highlighter and four different colors are provided to highlight text content of a PDF file. You can use Yellow, Light Blue, Pink, and Green colors to highlight text content of your PDF file. After highlighting, you can save PDF file with all your highlights or I say highlighted text.

All you have to do is select some text in a PDF (after opening it in Microsoft Edge) and use right click menu to access highlighter feature of Edge browser. A highlighted text can also be unhighlighted anytime. So if some text is highlighted accidentally, then you always have option to undo it.

PDF highlighted with different colors using Microsoft Edge

In the image given above, you can see a PDF file is highlighted with four different colors using the native feature of Microsoft Edge.

Steps To Highlight A PDF File Using Microsoft Edge and Save PDF with All Highlighted Text:

1). It’s a basic step. You need to open a PDF in Microsoft Edge.

2). Select text content of your PDF file and then right-click on it. A ‘Highlight‘ option will visible. Under that option, you will see Yellow, Pink Green, Light Blue, and None options.

select a text in pdf and use highlight option in right click context menu

3). To highlight the text, select any of the four colors. And when you have to unhighlight or undo highlighted text, you need to use None option.

4). To save PDF file with all the highlighted content, use Save As icon available in the toolbar (on top right corner) of PDF reader of Edge browser. After doing this, you can save a new PDF that will contain all your highlights in that PDF.

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So this is all about highlighting a PDF file in Microsoft Edge browser and saving the PDF with all highlighted text. No extension or third party tool is needed. If you use Microsoft Edge daily and prefer to read PDF files in this browser, then this PDF highlighter feature is definitely useful for you. The thing I like the most is we can save all the highlighted content of PDF file(s). Whenever you will open that PDF in some other web browser or PDF reader, you can see the highlighted content. Try it.