Get Up To 1 TB Free Cloud Storage, Share Large Files while Chatting

There are many popular cloud storage services (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, and more) and messaging apps to store large files and chat with friends. But these are two different terms and we can use them separately only. Messaging apps have the feature to share files but up to a few MBs only. If you ever wished to have a service that comes with both these features, then “Pibox” could be the best solution for this.

Pibox is a free cloud storage and messaging service that provides up to 1 TB free cloud storage space. Its UI is simple and clean where you can store large files (talking about 4K videos, RAW photos, etc.), add contacts and share files with them while chatting. You can also enjoy using its Android app to share files and chat. Its iOS app will also come in future.

There are two main sections in this service: Chat and Box. Using Chat section, you can add contacts and then start the conversation with any contact and share files. Just next to the Chat, Box section is available where you can upload and store files (Documents, Videos, Audios, etc.). You can also preview or play audio and video without downloading them. This is a very important feature which I really like.

share large files while chatting

Sign Up To Get Free Cloud Storage Space and Then Earn More Space:

You need to register with your mobile number and then you will receive a code via SMS to complete the sign up process. You might or might not get the code on your mobile, but don’t worry there’s an option to get a call and the IVR will provide the code.

Initially, as you sign up, you get 3.14 GB free storage space. To earn more space, you need to invite friends by sending them your special code. For 10 friends, you get up to 1000 GB space (including the initial storage). For every single person who signs up using your code, your storage space becomes double.

Another way to earn free space is that you can ask your friend(s) to give you his/her special code. You can enter the code to double your storage space immediately. This is quite clear with the screenshot added below.

earn more space

Increase your storage space and chat with others along with file sharing. For each chat, it also stores file history where you can see all files sent and received by you in that chat. Anytime you can delete a contact to stop communication with that particular person.

Overall, Pibox is such a nice service and a good combination of cloud storage and messaging app. Free storage space and large file sharing features are really wonderful. However, there is a doubt related to the security level. The reason is that nothing is mentioned on the service homepage whether they encrypt user data and chat or not. Also, if the service supports encryption, then it is end to end encryption or not. Perhaps, an FAQ page would have clear all the doubts, but no such section is there. No doubt, that service has come with huge storage and other good features, but security is also an important factor.

Pibox Homepage.