A Free Online Sketch File Viewer, Upload and Share Sketch Files

Sketch files (.sketch) are very useful to create and store icon sets or some other art. Professionals, as well as many other users, save their art in this format. Where normally it is not possible to view Sketch files using some photo viewer/editor or browser, some very simple tools and websites exist to view Sketch files. Sketch Viewer is one such website.

This free online Sketch file viewer website helps to upload, store, as well as share Sketch files with others. There are two more important features that make this website very useful. You can store and access file versions as well as view the outlines of a file.

In the image visible below, you can see a few Sketch files uploaded by me on this website. All it requires is a free account and nothing else.


You can use your Facebook or Google account for sign up and then you are ready to upload Sketch files. If you are not interested in sign up or you think it is too early, then you can also start the demo for an overview.

It is very easy to upload Sketch files. Use that big ‘+’ icon and then drop files from your PC to the upload box. A unique URL for each individual Sketch file is generated by this site. This helps you share the URL so that you can let someone else view your file. You and others can also zoom in/out the file to view it conveniently.

When you have some latest version related to an existing file, you can upload that version also. This site stores both existing as well as latest versions of your sketch files. Also, you can view outlines (if possible to present) of any file in just a click.

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So, everything related to uploading and sharing the Sketch files is quite good. However, you must also consider a few points:

  • All the uploaded files remain in public. Whosoever has the URL can access your file anytime.
  • It can’t display outlines for all the files.
  • There is no option to remove/delete the uploaded files.

If you are OK with all the conditions, then this free online Sketch file viewer is a perfect site for you. It is actually good when you have to add/store your Sketch files in a single place or platform and access them from anywhere (PC/laptop/tablet with Internet connection). If you have decided to use this site, you may click the link added below to access the homepage and sign up.

Visit This Website.