Free Typing Practice App for Windows 10 To Learn Touch Typing

Everyone likes and wants to learn touch typing, isn’t it! With so many typing practice software, web apps, Android apps, and other options, it is always confusing which option is better to practice and learn touch typing. Well, if you are a beginner and Windows 10 user, then you should give a try to a free app “Easy Typing Practice in 3 Days“. This app helps to practice typing from the beginning. It is helpful for kids as well as elders.

There are 13 different practice lessons. You can begin typing practice from home row keys, upper row keys, lower row keys, and then improve typing speed by practicing different words and sentences. You can also add custom text files that will help you in typing practice a lot.

free typing practice windows 10 app to learn touch typing

Above you see its interface that looks pretty. Everything is quite good, except a bug. As soon as you select a typing lesson, it should show text (that you need to type) above the text box, but it didn’t show any text there when I opened typing lessons. The only help for typing was the hint available above the keyboard layout and color indicator on the keyboard layout. So, I believe the developer would take care of this bug and fix is ASAP.

Moving further, this typing practice app also shows stats that helps you give a clear idea about your typing speed. In stats, you can see total number of available words, time taken to complete typing, typing accuracy, and typing speed (Words Per Minute/WPM). Typing stats are measured in real-time.

Now let’s see how to use this app.

Using This Free Typing Practice Windows 10 App:

It is a very simple typing practice app available on Windows 10 Store. You can find its homepage link at the end of this article.

Interface of this app is too simple. No doubt, it has taken care of the users who want to start typing practice from the beginning. On its interface, you can see the list of different lessons. But before that, you should access help option and see finger position chart provided by this app. This helps you check where you should place your fingers for typing and which finger is used to type which key.

check finger positions

Take a look at the chart and then you can come to the main interface. Select a typing practice lesson from the list and you will be able to see the text available in that specific lesson or file. If you want to add your own text file, then you can use Options icon (3 horizontal dots) and use the option to add your own file for typing.

select file to start typing practice

Once the file is selected, you can use ‘Start Practice‘ button.

This is it! Now you have to focus on your typing practice. Keyboard layout and corresponding hand is also provided for typing. If you don’t like it, then you can also hide them using the left sidebar.

The left sidebar also shows stats and helps to enable/disable case sensitive typing.

While typing, you can also pause timer to take rest and also reset stats for that particular typing lesson.

Final Thoughts:

This is all about this Windows 10 typing practice app that can help you learn touch typing. Personally, I use Kiran’s Typing Tutor (my favorite typing practice software), Typeracer, and ZType (typing shooting game). However, I must say this Easy Typing Practice Windows 10 app is simply good to begin typing practice from the scratch. Anyone can practice and improve typing speed without any assistant because of its user-friendly interface. Those who are looking for some very simple typing practice app for Windows 10, they should give it a try.

Easy Typing Practice Windows 10 App.