Download Any Facebook Video In Just Two Clicks Using Firefox Browser

Facebook is full of funny and other engaging videos. It’s difficult to quit once you start scrolling down your Facebook feed. Almost every page you follow, friend, or group has posted some interesting video. Among those videos, some of them are so good that we want to download them for later use. While Facebook doesn’t come with any option to download a video, the same can be done very easily using ‘Download Facebook Video‘ free Firefox add-on.

The name of this add-on is enough to give an idea about its purpose i.e. to save any FB video to PC. What’s more interesting is you can download any Facebook video in just two clicks. That makes the process to store any Facebook video to PC super fast. It also gives choice to save FB video in HD or SD quality. Basically, this add-on uses a third-party website (getyourfb) to download a Facebook video. This add-on simply helps to send Facebook video URL to that website and the download link is generated for that video.

This add-on provides its own Download Facebook Video icon. After installing this add-on, its icon will visible, as you can see in screenshot added below.

open fb video and click addon icon

To download a Facebook video, you need to right-click on a video, copy video URL and open it in a new Firefox tab. Or else, you can also press n hold Shift key and then click on the time of video (when it was posted on FB) to open it in new tab. When the Facebook video is opened in new tab, press icon of this Firefox add-on.

A new tab will open where you will see the video thumbnail and options to download the video. You will see that you have the options to download Facebook video as HD Video or SD video. Use any option and the video is downloaded as MP4 format.

save video in hd or sd quality

If video is not downloaded automatically, then it will simply open in a new tab. In that case, you need to right-click on the video and use Save video as option to download it to your PC.

Additionally, there is a bonus option also available just below video download option. You can use that option to save first frame of video as image to your PC.

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So, this is how the add-on helps to download any Facebook video. Only two clicks are all it needs to grab any Facebook video and save it to PC. I like its user friendly approach. If you are a Facebook video lover and download FB videos regularly, then you may try this simpler option.

Visit this add-on homepage.