Extract Thumbnails of Desktop Shortcuts, EXE Files As JPG, PNG Images

Thumbnails play a great role to identify a particular application, program, or desktop shortcut. Some thumbnail icons are so beautiful that sometimes we want to save them as images, isn’t. While the native feature of Windows helps to view thumbnails in large, medium, extra large sizes only, some very simple third-party software exist that help us view as well as save thumbnails of different applications as images. “Thumbico” is one such great software.

Thumbico software helps to extract thumbnails of desktop shortcuts, EXE files, applications, audio video files, images, and other executable files. After extracting the thumbnail of a particular item, it lets you save it as an image. Supported image formats are JPG, PNG, BMP, and GIF.

One of the best features come with this thumbnail extractor software is that you can resize the thumbnail before saving it to PC as an image file. It has preset sizes as well as lets you set custom height n width to save thumbnail icon as image. You can even rotate the thumbnail and preview it on its interface before saving.

Thumbico- interface

The image above shows its simple interface where I extracted the thumbnail icon of Notepad++. Once the thumbnail is visible, you can use right click menu of this software to save the thumbnail as image.

This is just an example to show you the software really works. You can use it to extract thumbnail icon of any desktop shortcut as well as other type of files.

Steps To Extract Thumbnails of Desktop Shortcuts, EXE Files, Etc Using Thumbico Software:

1). Open the homepage of this software and get its setup or portable file. For your convenience, I have placed its homepage link at the end of this review.

2). Launch its interface. After that, drag any application or desktop shortcut and drop that item on its interface. The software will immediately fetch thumbnail icon of that specific item and show you on its interface.

use right click menu options and then save thumbnail as image

3). There are options available on its interface to set width n height for thumbnail and rotate thumbnail. You can use those options and preview the output. If you want to use any of the preset sizes for output image, change background color for output image, and save thumbnail as image, then you can use right-click context menu of this software. Simple do a right-click and all options will visible, just like the image visible above.

Use context menu options as per your requirements, preview the output, and save thumbnail icon as BMP, GIF JPG, or PNG file.

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I really like this thumbnail extractor software. It is user friendly and extracting thumbnails of desktop shortcuts, EXE files, or some other application is very simple. Additionally, it helps us resize the thumbnail icon so that the output image will come as expected. I wish it would have come with feature to extract thumbnails in batch, but only one application icon can be extracted at a time. Still, it is very useful and therefore I can recommend it to you all.

Visit Thumbico Homepage.