How To Enter Emoji Using Emoji Panel Without Touch Keyboard In Windows 10

Windows 10 now makes it easier to enter emoji in any application using the Emoji Panel. Earlier, we have to use touch keyboard to access Emoji Panel and insert any of the available emoji. Now, with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, we don’t have to open touch keyboard especially to use Emoji Panel. Your hardware keyboard can be used to insert emoji. Just a hotkey and we can use Emoji Panel separately in any application.

This Emoji Panel works almost anywhere where you can write text. For example, you can use it while typing an email, Notepad, Wordpad, MS Word, etc. Your hardware keyboard can be used for emoji input.

You can look at the screenshot below. As you can see, Emoji Panel is visible with different emoji categories and a few emoji inserted in applications. For some emoji, mouse doesn’t help to insert emoji. In that case, You need to use arrow keys to move between emoji and press enter to use the selected emoji.

emoji panel to insert emoji in different applications

Do note that if you are already using preview build 16215 of Fall Creators Update, then you can use this feature right now. Otherwise, you can use this feature when final and stable version is released for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

Open Emoji Panel With A Hotkey and Insert Emoji:

For opening Emoji Panel separately, press “Win + Space + . ” or “Win + Space + ;” hotkey. You will notice that Emoji Panel is opened instantly. For some cases, “Win + .” or “Win + ;” hotkey works. So you can check which hotkey is supporting with your hardware keyboard to open Emoji Panel.

Now Emoji Panel is opened, use any emoji you like and insert it in your application. You can switch between emoji categories using Tab or left mouse button. For People emoji, you can also change the color of emoji.

use emoji panel and change emoji color for people emoji

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So this is all about entering emoji using Emoji panel with hardware keyboard in Windows 10. Emoji lovers must be very happy with it. Instead of opening the touch keyboard again and again or using some third-party emoji software, this native feature is great. Just use hotkey and Emoji Panel will be there to insert any of your favorite emoji.