How To Change Location of Game DVR Captures Folder In Windows 10

Game DVR is one of the interesting features of Windows 10. You can activate it using default hotkey (Win+G) and capture snapshots as well as record games in your Windows 10 PC. All your Game DVR recordings and screenshots are saved in a default ‘Captures‘ folder. Its location is- “C:\Users\PCName\Videos\Captures“. There is no problem to store Game DVR items in default location, but in case you want to change the location of Game DVR Captures folder, then this guide is gonna help you.

You can move Game DVR Captures folder to any preferred folder or hard drive. Before moving the Captures folder, you will also have the choice to move all files from old location to new location. For this, you have to use Properties window of Captures folder.

default location of captures folder

In above image, you can see the default location of Captures folder of Game DVR.

captures folder moved to new location

In this image (visible above), it is clearly visible that Captures folder is moved to a new location.

Steps To Change Location of Game DVR Captures Folder In Windows 10:

1). Go to the default location of Captures folder. As I mentioned in starting, the default location of Captures folder is “C:\Users\PCName\Videos\Captures”. Here, change PCName with your actual PC name.

2). Right-click on Captures folder and then click Properties.

click properties option

3). Properties window will open. Here, click on Location tab and then tap on the Move button.

click on move button

4). Select the new location or folder where you want to move Captures folder. After selecting the new location, press Apply button. As soon as you press this button, a window will open asking you if you want to move already available items to new location. You can select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ button.

select new location and save

This is it! The new location of Game DVR Captures folder is set. You can press OK to close Properties window.

Whenever you will take screenshot and/or record games using Game DVR, it will save in the new location.

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So this way you can change location of Game DVR Captures folder in Windows 10. Next time when you have to format Windows for any reason, then before doing that, you can move your Captures folder of Game DVR so that all your perfect shots and game recordings will remain with you. Moving the Captures folder to some other location is also helpful when you are running out of space in that particular hard drive. In that case also, changing the location of Captures folder is gonna help you. Now you know this simple trick, try it and also share with others.