Start Writing Good Emails Using Email Copy from Great Companies

Hi, everyone. A lot of times while writing business emails, we think a lot what to write that should be effective and relevant. To bring the effective content in our email, we search the Internet, try to take help of colleagues, but do we find it? Sometimes yes and sometimes information in pieces. What if all the information you need could be found in one place? Yes, you can start writing good emails anytime with a helpful website. is a free website that has a collection or I say email copies from some great companies, which can help you write quality content for business emails. It has email copies from Trello, Dropbox, Hightail, Buffer, OnePageCRM, and more.

What you need to do is enter the keyword or use a predefined tag and email copies related to that keyword or tag will be in front of you.


When you will visit the website, there is nothing written about the website. You just see some tags and a search box. Believe me, this is it. There is nothing extra in it. Just pick a tag from the list or start a search and you will see some results down on the same page.


So, I choose the tag “privacy policy / terms & conditions” and that gave results of some sample emails that I can use to write for my own business email. This can be helpful a┬álot of times when we are in a hurry to create an email for a client or a customer. It can be a saviour.


I chose one of the samples down there and it presented the email written by a company. Now, I can take an idea from this sample how I should write the email to my client.

You can also try this app, it is absolutely free. It is just as simple as it is. There is no other functionality on the website. Yes it does has a link at the top called “Front” in which if you click, it will take you somewhere else.

You can search other words as well. If they have any samples for it, it would be shown down on the webpage. You can visit the website with this link : Good Email Copy.

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