WhatsApp Is Now Available with Video Calling Feature [Pssshh..There’s a Catch]

There are a lot of communication applications now available on the Internet for our smartphones. I don’t want to name them (as we already know about such apps), but WhatsApp is rocking among all of them. The instant messaging app turned into an instant audio app, provided new secret font, and now it is turning into instant video app. Yes, it’s true! Video calling is now possible on WhatsApp. However, there is a small catch.

Currently, this feature is available in WhatsApp beta (version 2.16.318). You can’t just download it from the Play Store. However, the APK is available for WhatsApp beta that you can download and enjoy video calling on WhatsApp.

Update (November 16, 2016): Now WhatsApp is rolling out this video calling feature worldwide. No need to use any APK or beta version of WhatsApp.


Let us see how this works. To use the video calling feature on WhatsApp, you have to uninstall WhatsApp, download the APK, and install it.

We already know when we chat on the current WhatsApp app and click on the ‘Phone’ icon, it directly dials the contact.

After installing the video calling APK, when you will click on the Phone icon, it will give you two options: Video call and Voice call. Choose the first option and the person to whom you are contacting will get the video call. Make sure the receiver has also installed this beta version of WhatsApp. Otherwise, it won’t connect the call.


This is it! Now both of you are enjoying video call on WhatsApp.

I guess, once the stable version of WhatsApp video call comes, you don’t have to rely on other apps for video calling. It is gonna be a very tough competition because Google Duo and other apps have also come with video calling feature. However, one thing is sure that users now have some more and perhaps the better option to start the video chat with their friends, relatives, family, etc. You can download the APK file from any of the famous sources and use this feature. Here’s the one.

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