Preview YouTube Videos Before Playing Using This Firefox Add-on

Hi, everyone! Playing a YouTube video is a part of daily routine for almost all of us and we all love it. But, there comes a time when we play a video and see suggestions on YouTube page which help us decide what should we watch next. However, this isn’t so easy and always helpful. It is so because after playing a suggested video, we realize that the video is not what we should watch. But, it is too late as we have already consumed some data for that video. So, what should be the option? Perhaps, a video preview can help us decide if the video is worth watching or not.

We have already covered a free Chrome extension (Video Preview) related to this situation. This time, we have come with a similar Firefox add-on “YouTube Video Player Preview“.¬†After playing a YouTube video, you can hover the mouse over any suggested video and you will notice that a slideshow is playing for that video. That slideshow actually works as the summary of video and gives us enough idea if this is the video you should play or not.

If you don’t believe me, then see the GIF recording below.

preview youtube video before playing firefox add-on

You could see that placing the mouse cursor over a suggested video is playing a slideshow in video thumbnail mode. You can also do the same by installing this add-on.
As you know, it is easy to install any Firefox add-on. So if you like this add-on, just visit the add-on homepage and click “add to firefox” button. The download link is available at the end of the article.


So, now you have installed the add-on, open YouTube page. The add-on won’t work for the main page. It works only when you have played a video and suggestions are visible on the right side. Just hover the mouse over the thumbnail of a suggested video and see the magic. You will be able to see the snapshots that will give an overview what is inside the video.


If sometimes, you are unable to see the preview, then this might be because of the slow internet connection.

A lot of websites (like Dailymotion) have this option built-in so that people can watch previews of videos. However, other popular sites like YouTube still don’t come with this feature. Therefore, there exist such type of add-ons to help us. This is a useful add-on that you can install and give a space on your Firefox browser.

Visit this Firefox add-on.

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