VLC Media Player Now Supports 360° Videos, Photos, and Panoramas

It’s a great news for all VLC media player users that their favorite player now supports 360° Videos, Photos, and Panoramas. Yes, it’s true! Perhaps, these are the most awaited features people wanted in the VLC player and now all these features are there. You can now play MP4 and other supported 360° Videos, JPG photos, and Panoramas. All you need to do is use Media menu to open any 360° video, photos, and panorama supported by VLC and enjoy watching it on VLC media player.

Before you rush for downloading the latest VLC media player. Here are a few important points and features that should be considered:

  • The support of 360-degree videos (following the Spatial Video Spec), Panoramas, and photos (following the Spherical Spec) is currently possible with Technical Preview of VLC. This technical preview is known as ‘VLC 360‘.
  • VLC 360 is currently available for Windows 7 (and later) and Mac OS 10.10 (and later).
  • In the upcoming releases, 360 support will be available for Android, Xbox One, and iOS devices.
  • Probably, 3D audio playback and VR headsets support will also be there in future.

So, these are some key points related to VLC Media Player or VLC 360. There are few more things related to VLC 360. So, let’s have a look.

How To Play 360° Videos, Panoramas, and Photos In VLC Media Player?

Playing a 360° video or photo in VLC 360 is same as playing the normal video. You can also drop any 360 video or photo on VLC and it will play that video. However, the first thing you have to do is go to the official page of VLC 360 from where you can get the setup. I have added the link at the end of  this article. Run the setup and install it. The homepage of VLC 360 also provides sample videos and photo that you can try.

If you are already using VLC version 2.2.4 or previous, then it will update VLC with VLC 360 version 3.0.0. When the setup is complete, you can open any supported video or photo.


Above you can see a 360-degree video is playing on VLC. You can press and hold left mouse button to move around the around in 360-degree view. This makes it quite interesting. You can also zoom in and out the video using the mouse wheel or touchpad.


VLC 360 also comes with 3 types of display modes. These are: Little Planet, Zoom, and Reverse Little Planet. I tried if these options can be accessed easily or not, but I didn’t find any of these options. Perhaps, these are available with Mac version currently.

So, this is really a fantastic news that VLC has come with 360 support for videos and photos. YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms have already come with this feature, and now it is the time for VLC. However, this is only the technical preview and you might encounter bugs and crashes. Still, if you are desperate to try new VLC, then don’t stop yourself and download it.

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