View Webpages At Different Resolutions On One Screen [Chrome]

Responsive webpages fit the page content at different resolutions automatically. So users get the optimized content without manual efforts. On the other hand, if a webpage or website is not responsive, you have to struggle to view the content properly. It is simply not good from the perspective of users and website owner as users won’t get the proper content and unresponsive content will affect owner’s site ranking and traffic of course. So if you have a responsive website or just want to check how a website looks at different resolutions, there is a very quick and easier option available as a Chrome extension.

Emmet Re:view is one of those useful Chrome extensions with which you can view webpages at different resolutions directly from a single tab. Instead of manually opening a webpage on your smarphone or tablet or some other device, you can use this extension.

responsive website at different resolutions

Check the screenshot above. This is how our website looks on Apple phones at different resolutions. This extension also provides options to select Android phones, Tablets, and Apple Tablets available in Device Wall section. These are the preset categories and every single category includes different resolutions based on different devices (HTC, LG, Motorola, Amazon Kindle Fire, etc.). The fantastic part is that you can also add custom categories and different resolutions.

If this is not enough for you, then the extension also provides Breakpoints View section. This section also works similar to Device Wall section. There are different width options which show how a website will look with them.

breakpoints view

Once you add this extension, its icon will visible on top right corner:


This is it, now just visit any website and tap the extension icon. It will show different resolutions with default section. You can switch between both the sections to see website at different resolutions. You can also interact with any preview. That means you can scroll the webpage of any resolution, click on the link, and do other things.

Overall, the extension is simply superb. A lot of presets available to view a website at different resolutions.

Homepage of Emmet Re:view.

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