How To Use The New Secret Font of WhatsApp Messenger?

WhatsApp bring important changes with updates time to time. Its material design, making audio calls, sharing of PDF documents, and other features are marvelous. This time, it has brought a new secret font “FixedSys” that we can use in chatting. This is the same font already available in Windows Notepad. Now we all can use this font in WhatsApp messenger.

This is how new font looks. You can clearly see the difference between the new and default font.

new and default font comparison
This new font was spotted by Android (v2.16.179) and iOS users in beta versions, but the good news is that it can be used in the stable v2.16.133 also. If you want to use the new font in stable version of WhatsApp messenger, follow the steps:

Open WhatsApp and access symbols in keyboard. Under symbols, use backquote symbol three times. It is available just next to the ~ symbol. Enter the text you wish to send and then close the backquote symbol by entering it three times again. As soon as you will do so, you will notice that the text is visible with the new font.

use backquote symbol 3 times

Send the text and done!

This is the only font we have got till now as a replacement of the default font in WhatsApp messenger. Wanna give it a try? Then go ahead and enjoy.

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