Android App To Turn Photo to Art with 40 Art Effects Without Watermark

Picas is a new and free Android app to turn photo to art with 40 different effects and without watermark. This is the biggest advantage of this app over the popular and competitive app Prisma. Prisma does come with the option to disable watermark but Picas has more effects than Prisma.

This Picas app doesn’t add watermark to the output art without your wish. You can adjust settings whether you want watermark or not. After that, you can choose from 40 different art effects to generate a master art from your photo.

You can choose whether you want to take a new photo or select a photo from the gallery. After that, you can select any of the 40 effects to turn a photo to art. The art effects provided by this app are greater than other rivalry apps like Deep Art Effects. So, the good news for users is that now they have another great app to turn their photos to arts.

picas- turn photo to art with 40 effects without watermark

What you see above is a sample picture which is turned to art using this Picas Android app. iPhone users don’t have to disappoint as this app is also available on the Apple Store. The good thing is that the app is also available completely free on Apple Store. So, unlike other developers, Picas is made available free for both the platforms by the developer.

Turn Photo To Art Without Watermark and With 40 Different Art Effects:

Picas is almost similar to use like Prisma and other similar apps. You can capture a new image or select a photo from the gallery.

When the photo is selected, all the effects will be in front of you. The names of the effects are: People, Tears, Pilot, Mad Hatter, Rabbit, Wave, Poke, Mosaic, ACG, Picabia, Gachet, Young Girl, Golden, Waiting, Rain, The Starry Night, Alicia, Twinkle, Modern, Quinn, Hope, Transverseline, Woman & Parasol, Cineda, Sunset, Stranger, etc. You can select any effect and then you have to wait for a while to turn photo to art.

add a photo

If the output is good, you can share it on your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account. If you don’t want to share, then use the download link and save the output to your Android phone.

Oops! I forget to mention that if you directly turn photo to art, then the output will contain the watermark of the app. However, you can easily disable this by accessing Settings and disabling Enable Watermark option.

turn off enable watermarking

Picas has come as a very good alternative to Prisma, Deep Art Effects, and other similar apps. However, it is not very easy to overcome these apps as they have their own significance and popularity. Still, I would like to say that yes Picas has made a good entry and it is attracting the users. Let’s see how far this app can go and establish its own market in photo to art world.

Visit the homepage.

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