Turn off or Show Number of new Notifications In Windows 10 Action Center

Windows 10 Anniversary update has brought many features. Whether I talk about add-ons support for Microsoft Edge, more useful Windows Ink, Cortana on the lock screen, or something else, many of us benefiting these features. If you haven’t updated your Windows 10 PC yet, you might want to update it (read here to get Windows 10 anniversary update).

However, along with the new additions, there are some changes that some of us don’t appreciate. For example, the Action Center is shifted to the right most corner, which earlier was set to visible before system date and time. Also, the Action Center icon in the system tray shows the number of new notifications. Though it is a good feature, this also distracts us when we are working on some other important thing, and we see that we have 10-15 or more notifications are pending in the Action Center for our attention. On the other case, many of us really appreciate this feature, but then we figure out that Action Center icon is not showing the number of new notifications.

For both the cases, there is a very simple trick. You can enable/disable the show/don’t show the number of new notifications option in Action Center icon in a matter of clicks.

show or hide number of new notifications in action center

Turn off or Show Number of New Notifications In Windows 10 Action Center:

What you need to do is:

  1. Right-click the Action Center icon visible in the system tray.
  2. A couple of options will be there. You need to click that “show number of new notifications” option.

turn on or show notications in action center

If this option is already disabled by you and you wish to see the number of new notifications in Action Center icon, then just turn on this option. This is what you have to do. The changes are saved in real-time without any confirmation.

From now onwards, the number of new notifications won’t/will visible to you in the Action Center icon.

I guess it is good to keep enabled to show new notifications in Action Center icon. However, on the other side, it becomes necessary sometimes to keep it disabled. Well, whatever is the situation, you are the one who have to decide. It’s your PC/Laptop and you have the full right to decide what is good for you.

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