Turn Off Last Used Printer as Default Printer in Windows 10

You must have noticed that when you try to make a print, Windows 10 automatically selects the last used printer as your default printer. There are cases when we just don’t want the last used printer to be the default printer in Windows 10. If you do feel the same, then here is a very quick solution to turn off this action of Windows 10.

It is a native option of Windows 10 so you don’t have to rely on 3 party products. Follow these steps:

Open Start menu and then tap on Settings option. Under Settings, you have to click Devices menu.

access devices

There will be a lot of options available in Devices menu. You need to select the very first option “Printers & scanners”. Now you will see a “Let Windows manage my default printer”. This is the section responsible to set the last used printer as default printer. Turn off the option and you’re done!

turn off automatic selection of last used printer as default printer

From the next time, Windows 10 won’t make any decision and you can easily select the printer of your choice to set as default printer.

To remove the default printer, you can select the currently enabled default printer available under Printers & scanner section and then use “Remove device” button. You need to confirm the action to remove the default printer.

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