Turn Off Showing Calendar Agenda On Windows 10 System Tray Clock

Windows 10 Anniversary Update has brought many interesting features. Bash Shell, pin an app to all active virtual desktops, Microsoft Edge extension support, etc., are some really good additions. However, a few changes also there that most of us don’t like. For example, you can see that Action Center icon is shifted to the right most corner of the Taskbar. Likewise, the pop-up that comes when clicking the system tray clock now showing the option to set up the agenda. This feature is good for many users but at the same time, it is an unnecessary addition. Although an option is there to hide agenda, but it won’t completely disable it from that pop-up.

So, if you want to completely disable Calendar Agenda from the system tray clock, then you are reading the perfect tutorial. I have covered all the steps that you need to follow to disable Calendar Agenda from the system tray. You can also bring back the agenda if you want.

disable showing calendar agenda on windows 10 system tray

Disable Showing Calendar Agenda On Windows 10 System Tray Clock:

Step 1. Access Settings and click Privacy menu.

click privacy

Step 2. Privacy menu has a couple of important options. You have to find and click Calendar option. It won’t be so difficult for you to find it.

Step 3. When you have clicked Calendar option, there will be two main options at the right side: People and Windows. You can take the help of the image visible below to view these two options. Turn off Windows option because this is the option responsible showing Calendar Agenda on system tray clock.

turn off windows option

Step 4. Now click the system tray icon and you will find that Calendar Agenda is not visible anymore.

calendar agenda disabled

This is it! Enable or disable this option, it is all up to you only.

Windows 10 users are enjoying many new features (especially after Anniversary Update) and this experience is really great. However, along with new changes, there are some other things that we want to have as it is. System tray clock is one of those things (well, at least for many of us, if not all of us). So, if you think that you should disable Calendar Agenda from system tray clock pop-up, then you should go ahead. Or else, there’s nothing to do anything.

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