How To Turn An Image Into Pixel Art Using Google Spreadsheets

Professionals use many sophisticated tools or advanced photo editors to turn an image into pixel art. However, when it comes to regular PC users who have other professions, such tools are not so great options. Then what is the good option left for other users like me when we need to convert an image into a pixel art? Google Spreadsheets, perhaps! You must be thinking that it can’t be done, but it’s true that Google Spreadsheets is one of the easier options out there to help us generate a pixel art.

Google Spreadsheet Art” (made by is that template which can help us turn an image into pixel art. All we need is this template and an image of our choice.

This tutorial covers all the steps that you need to follow to turn an image into pixel art. Before we start, you can see a pixel art generated using that template.

an image turned into pixel art

It looks almost like the original image, right? Yes, it is. And that’s the beauty of this Google Spreadsheet Art template. Oh! by the way, here is the original image (below) that I have used to turn into pixel art.

original image

You can compare both the images and decide if this template is worth using or not. I can bet you will like to try it. So, what you need to do?

Turn An Image Into Pixel Art Using Google Spreadsheet Art Template:

1. Open this Google Spreadsheet Art template and make a copy of this template. You have to sign in to your spreadsheet account, then you can access the option to create the copy.

create a copy of Google Spreadsheet Art

2. When the copy is created, a new Google Spreadsheet will open and you will see a Spreadsheet Art menu. That menu has three options: Upload Image, Apply Colors, and Adjust Cells.

Spreadsheet Art

3. Use the first option in which you have to upload an image. The template will ask permission to run. After granting the permission, you can use a sample image or upload an image from PC. JPEG, GIF, and PNG format images are supported. You also need to take care that image size should not be greater than 50 KB or 300*300 pixels.

upload an image or use sample image

4. Now the template will start parsing the every single pixel color of the image and then add the color hex codes in the cells. When this process is done, you will see that the spreadsheet is filled with color hex codes.

spreadsheet filled with color hex codes

5. It’s time to use the second option of Spreadsheet Art menu. Use that menu and press Apply Colors option. What this option does is it applies the color equivalent to the hex code available in a specific cell. So every single cell will be filled with the color associated with its hex code.

cells are filled with colors associated with hex codes

The output won’t come yet because the shape of cells is rectangular whereas pixels are always in square shape. So, we will make the size of cells square.

6. Use the third and last option of Spreadsheet Art menu. Click that Adjust Cells option and a pop up will open. This pop-up is used to enter the cell size in pixels. Try to use fewer pixels to generate the better output. Use that OK button and it will process the spreadsheet.

enter cell size

Voila! You get the output. Now, if the output doesn’t come as you expected, then use the third option again and change the cell size. You will get the expected output for sure.

7. This is the last step. Well, your output is generated, don’t you want to save it to PC? For that, use File menu and download the output in PDF or XLSX format.

I hope you liked this interesting trick and the tutorial. Create your masterpiece and share it with friends.

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