Turn Any Image or Animated GIF Into Art By Sending A Tweet

We have many interesting tools (free as well as paid) to turn an image into art. Some of us prefer web apps, others use some Android app to convert an image to art, and many of us try some add-ons. All these options are good and give awesome outputs. You must have tried one of these options at least once. However, those who always look forward trying some new options, I have something to share.

How about turning an image into art by sending a tweet? Interesting, right? And yes, it is possible by using a Twitter bot which is known as “Painter Bot“. Have a look at the image below. The left side shows the output art and the right side is the original image that was used to generate the art.

output art and original image

The output art looks beautiful. Also, it takes only a few seconds to receive the output. So, this Twitter bot is awesome and fast as well. Let me help you do the same.

Turn An Image or Animated GIF Into An Art with This Painter Bot:

Using this bot is really simple as you don’t have to do anything except sending a tweet and mentioning “@neuralpainter” in that tweet.

Also, make sure you have added the image or animated GIF in that tweet. After that, you will receive the notification by Neural Painter mentioning you in the tweet that contains the original image and output art. Access that notification and you can see the output and original images. You can save the output using Save as context menu option.

image to art

Use Filters To Get The Beautiful Art:

The output comes with default filter. However, there are a few filters also available that you can use. To use any of those filters, you have to use the hashtag in the tweet. Available filters are: #starry_night, #seurat, #kandinsky, #candy, etc.

animated gif turned to art with new filter

This is quite an interesting option to create a beautiful art from an image, isn’t it! However, there are a few points to be considered here.

  • The output includes the watermark which is visible at the bottom right side in the output art.
  • Your art and image remain in public always.
  • The size of output art won’t be the same as the input image. If you have tweeted with a large image, the output will be smaller than the original image.

So, these are the points that you might not like, but still, this new and unique option is fantastic. More and more people are using it and sharing their images and getting the output arts. If you have already decided to try this bot, then don’t wait anymore. Go to your Twitter account and tweet an image. You will get the response very soon.

Visit this Twitter bot timeline.

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