Turn Any Google Spreadsheet To Map In Seconds Using This Free Service

Google Spreadsheets or Sheets matter a lot to people who need a user-friendly interface to create and store important data. You can easily create the record of employees, store some geographical data, or something else related to your work. However, when you need to convert spreadsheet to map, Google Sheets doesn’t come with any native feature. You need to use add-ons that can turn data to beautiful pie chart, bar chart, etc. While using add-ons is a good option to try, some other simple tools also exist to create a beautiful map from your spreadsheet data. MapInSeconds¬†is one such interesting tool.

MapInSeconds.com is a free service that lets you turn any Google Spreadsheet to map in seconds. You just need to paste the data of your spreadsheet and the service will present you a beautiful map. You can also save the map to your PC as PNG image and/or PPTX file. It also generates a unique URL for your map that you can share on Twitter and other supported platforms. If you don’t like the default color used in the map, then there is option also available to change the color scheme. So, it’s a very interesting service. The only thing you probably won’t like is that the service supports only two column spreadsheets. If you will enter data containing more than 2 columns, then it automatically selects first two columns and generates the map.

turn spreadsheet to map in seconds

Above you can see a sample map that looks really good.

One more important thing is that as per it is mentioned on the service homepage, your data also remains private to you. It doesn’t store any of data content.

Convert A Google Spreadsheet To Map:

To use this service for converting a Google Sheet to map, no login or separate account is needed. Also, as mentioned above, it doesn’t collect any of your spreadsheet data. This is actually a very important feature.

Once you are on the homepage of this service, you will see a sample map at the left side. And at the right side, there will be a sample data based on which the sample map is created by this service. Now to turn a spreadsheet to map, copy the spreadsheet data and replace the sample data with the copied data.

paste spreadsheet data and generate map automatically

Now the service will start the processing that takes only a few seconds.

After that, a beautiful map will be in front of you. You can also change the color scheme of map using tha available COLOUR option.

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When the map is generated, you can download a copy as PNG or PPTX file and use in your project or anywhere else you want. You can also share link with others.

This is the faster option available to convert any sheet to a beautiful map. Also, all the hassle to create the map is handled by the service itself. You only have to copy and paste your spreadsheet data and wait for a few seconds. MapInSeconds is definitely a good service. However, I must say that it could have been better with the feature to generate map of spreadsheets containing more than 2 columns. Currently, it is useful only when you want to generate map using two column spreadsheet.

Visit MapInSeconds Homepage.

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