Chrome Extension To Translate Medical Terms into Simple Definitions

Whether you are a medical student, a health-conscious person doing a research on any disease or a school teacher, when we surf the internet for medical articles, we usually find medical jargons there which are difficult to understand and we start spending a lot of time in finding the meaning of them. Well, let us make the health research and the reading of those medicine related articles easy using the Chrome extension to translate medical terms. Yes, medical terms will be translated automatically without any hassle once you visit any webpage containing the medical jargons.

Medical Translator (by is a free Chrome extension to translate medical terms into simple definitions. Just visit any article on the Internet or the Wikipedia to look for any information on diseases and medicines and the difficult medical terms will be highlighted by Medical Translator. You can then just hover your mouse on the highlighted text and an explanation/definition of the term will pop up there. Let us see the extension in action.

homePageTranslate Medical Terms Into Simple Definitions Using Medical Translator Extension:

There are two ways you can install the extension: from and Chrome web store.

I installed the extension and extension icon appeared at the top-right corner of the Chrome, but the extension works automatically, no need to click on that icon.


Now, visit any webpage with medical terms and you will see the medical terms highlighted in green. Hover the mouse to the highlighted texts one by one and the extension will translate medical terms into simple definition or word in a second. The working is clearly shown in the below image.


As simple as that, texts highlighted in red are some of the jargons on a Wikipedia page. Red marks are done by me, not by Medical Translator. Words by the extension are underlined in green and the yellow color box explains them.

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So, start researching on any disease, make the presentation with simple words that can explain the medical jargons in lament terms. If you are looking for a medicine to cure any irregularity in your health, then search on the Internet without worrying about the difficult terms in there because Medical Translator is there to translate medical terms for you.

Visit Extension Homepage.

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