How To Stop Sending Sticky Notes Usage Statistics To Microsoft

Microsoft, with the release of Windows 10, starts collecting usage stats to improve the user experience. Sometimes, the user doesn’t have any idea that his/her stats are getting shared with Microsoft.

It has used telemetry services and other spying stuff to keep getting the stats from user PC. Now, with the Anniversary update, Microsoft has targeted Sticky Notes too. Yes, it’s true! Now your Sticky Notes usage stats are also getting shared with Microsoft by default.

Earlier, there was an option in Sticky Notes under Settings, which is to “Enable Insights”. That option is removed now (article update (09/27/2016): with another Windows 10 update, Enable Insights feature is added back to Sticky Notes) and only one option is there ‘send the usage stats to Microsoft’. Where many of us don’t like it at all, it is better to turn off that option.

Steps To Turn Off Sending Sticky Notes Usage Statistics To Microsoft:

1.Run Sticky Notes app and click that three dots icon visible just before Delete icon. This will help you access Settings.

click three dots icon

2. Click the Settings icon.

click settings icon

3. A window will be in front of you. There you will see “Send application usage statistics” option is enabled by default.

turn off send application usage statistics button

This is the option you need to turn off. By disabling it, you are preventing your usage stats.

No matter whichsoever service or app you use, only you have the right whether you want to share your information or not. With the anniversary update, Microsoft has enabled sharing Sticky Notes usage stats by default. But, the good thing is that we have also get the option to turn it off.

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