Start Google Search for Selected Text By Dragging It a Little Using Firefox

There are times when we have to start Google search for some text visible on a webpage using Firefox or some other browser, isn’t it? At that time, what we do is select the text, right-click on that text, and select Search Google for selected text.

Other option we can use it manually search for that text or copy and paste the text for the search. That goes well too, but might not be good when we have to search for text multiple times a day. For such cases, EasyDragToGo++ Firefox add-on might come in handy.

What this Firefox add-on does is lets you select the text and drag it a little. After that, a Google search is started automatically for the selected text in a new tab in the background. Thus, it won’t even distract your focus because the tab is opened in the background.

google search for selected text

This Firefox add-on is also too easy to use. You are not forced to deal with dozens of options or other settings. Only the browser restart is all that this add-on requires. After the restart, it will be ready for the work.

When the add-on is installed, go to a webpage that you have already opened or open a new page. You need to refresh the already opened tab so that the add-on can work on that tab. Now select text, drag and release the mouse.

The Google search will start immediately in a new tab in the background. Go to that tab and you will see the search results for the text.

This is what we get with this add-on. It has a very simple but unique and meaningful purpose. If you are among those users which have to perform Google search a lot while reading a webpage or news, this add-on is for you definitely.

Link to visit this Firefox add-on.

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