Simple Online PDF Suite To Convert, Resize, Split, Optimize, Rotate PDF

When it comes to PDF, there are hundreds of tools available over the web. We have PDF resizer, PDF converter, rotator, merger, and more. However, people who need to use such tools frequently, they need a single platform, which contains all such tools. And this can be available in a PDF suite. is one such simple online PDF suite that comes with 8 different PDF tools.

PDFResizer website lets you merge, split, crop, resize, convert, compress, rotate, and convert webpage to PDF. Thus, almost all the important tools that one expect in a PDF suite are available here. It also supports password protected PDF files. You can use any tool you want. However, do note that maximum combined size to upload PDF files is 80 MB and up to 50 files can be uploaded at a time. Also, there is no need to sign up to use this website.


Let’s us take a look at the tools provided by this Online PDF Suite:

  • Resize PDF: Using this tool, you can bulk resize PDF files. However, it doesn’t let you set the custom height n width. You can select the paper size from the list to resize PDF files. Available paper sizes are: A0-A10, Legal, Ledger, 11*17, C0-C6, ArchA, ArchB, ArchC, ArchD, ArchE, Jisb0, Jisb1, Jisb2, Jisb3, etc. PDF resolutions are also available in this tool: low 720dpi, high 300dpi, high+ 300dpi, etc.
  • Optimize PDF: This is one of the useful tools that lets you compress multiple PDF files in one click. The compression level depends on the images and other content available in PDF files. The output PDFs look like original PDF files.
  • Rotate PDF: This tool is helpful to bulk rotate pages of multiple PDF files. What I find very useful here is that you can set the page range for rotation process. After that, you can rotate pages to left, right, or upside-down.
  • Crop PDF: You have two options to crop PDF files. You can either select the area for cropping or use Auto-crop option.
  • Merge PDF: Use this tool when you need to combine multiple PDF files and get the output as a single PDF containing all those PDF files.


  • Split PDF: This is a very simple tool. You can split all the pages of multiple PDF files in one go. The splitted pages become individual PDF files.
  • Web To PDF: When you want to save a webpage as PDF file, you can use this tool. You need to enter the URL of the webpage that you want to save as the PDF file.
  • Convert PDF: When your need is to batch convert PDF files to PNG, GIF, TIFF, DOC, ODT, HTML, or JPG images, you can take the help of this tool.

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So, these are the tools we got with this online PDF suite. The best thing is that all the tools are very simple and can be used by anyone without facing the issues. When you are away from your PC and have to rotate, convert, or compress your PDF files stored in Pendrive or in email, you can try this online PDF suite.

Visit PDFResizer Website.

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