Share Your Email Address, Social IDs, Blog URL By A Unique 6-Digit Number

Mailcoding is a free service to share your email address, social IDs (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), phone number, blog URL, and other websites by just generating and sharing a unique 6-digit number. You are actually generating and sharing your personal digital card using this service, which contains all your contact details. You can give that digital card to any professional, business partner, friend, etc., to share the information they need to get in touch with you.

The unique number/digital card is called a ‘Mailcode’. This way you don’t have to give business cards or your contact information on the phone. Instead, give the 6-digit code and rest of the work will be done by Mailcoding service.

The service lets you add one email address, 4 social network identities, one homepage or web link, 2 instant messaging identities, and one phone number.


Let us find how this unique service works with unique numbers as I know you are getting curious. The homepage itself is very clear about what this service does. When you will click on Create Your Mailcode, it will take you to the sign-up section. Here, you will sign up normally but one extra information you need to add i.e. a 6-digit unique Mailcode. After creating the account, you don’t have to provide your name, email or phone number to anyone but just a mailcode.


Now what you have to do to make the people access the information is add your information in the account. This information is not just an email/phone, it is a lot more. You can add your social networks, VOIP/Chat, your business details, business title, phone and web link. Also, you can choose what to be shown when people will find you using your mailcode.


The above image explains a lot of things what you will have in your account. I am adding my web link above. My mailcode is 675908 and there are things like Badge, Summary, and Business Card Preview.

  • Summary will show you what you have added to the account.
  • Business Card Preview will show how other people will get your information.
  • Badge is a Digital Card that you will get if you convince someone to join the community. This will be the step to create a digital card.


Here is the Digital Card i.e. a Badge that I got when I made one of my friends join this community. You can also have one. You can see your badge has a web link now. This is easy, isn’t it? Everyone of us just using one code to access each other’s information. Simple and fast.

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The service is as simple as that. Maintain your account and create a digital card. This digital card is nothing but just a number.

I think the future of sharing information would be Mailcoding. Everyone will have a number to relate to their information and that will be all. This service is also available for Android/IOS platforms that you can download from the respective places like play store/iTunes.

Visit Mailcoding.

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