Set a Connection as Metered Connection after Upgrading to Anniversary Update In Windows 10

Earlier (before Anniversary Update), in Windows 10, there was anĀ ‘Advanced Options’ sub-menu under “Wi-Fi” menu to set a connection as metered connection. However, with the introduction of Windows 10 Anniversary Update, a couple of options have been tweaked that many users don’t like much. For example, Action Center icon is shifted to the right most corner in the system tray. Setting a connection as metered connection is one of those changes that many users don’t appreciate. In fact, many of us now find it difficult how to set a connection as metered connection after upgrading to Anniversary Update.

Settings a connection as metered connection has its own benefits. It can help you save data, avoid unnecessary updates when connected with a specific connection, and more.

If you are also facing the problem, then you are reading the perfect tutorial. One of my team-mates was also facing the same problem, but he has got the solution. So, the same I am sharing with you guys.

How To Set A Connection As Metered Connection After Upgrading To Anniversary Update In Windows 10?

Connect with the network that you want to set as metered connection. If you haven’t received Windows 10 Anniversary Update till now, then you might have to wait for a couple of months. However, if your system is already upgraded to Windows 10 Anniversary Update and you want to set a connection as metered connection, then follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Settings and then click Network & Internet.


Step 2: Click Wi-Fi menu and you will find that there is no “Advanced Options” menu available anymore for the active connection. In fact, you will find three different options: Show available networks, Hardware properties, and Manage known networks. Click that Manage Known networks option.


Step 3: The list of all known networks will be in front of you. Select the preferred network and click Properties button.


Step 4: This is it! Now you are on the page that lets you turn on/off metered connection. Scroll down and you will see “Set as metered connection” option.


Turn it off and your selected connection is set as metered connection.

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With the Anniversary Update, many new interesting features (like Windows ink Workspace, Cortana On Lock Screen, Microsoft Edge Browser Extensions, etc.) have been added to Windows 10 to make it more meaningful and interesting to users. However, a few tweaks have made it difficult to access options that regular users were used to. Metered connection is one of those tweaks. But not to worry, this tutorial will surely help you to set any connection as metered connection after upgrading to Anniversary Update in Windows 10.

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