Scroll To Top Button for Chrome To Jump To Top and Bottom of Webpages

Almost all of us spend hours on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms to chat with people, keep on looking the posts, videos, etc., and scroll down webpages. While doing so, if we have scrolled down the page too much and want to go to the top, it requires an effort to take it to the top especially in the websites like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. Here, we have a Chrome extension that takes care of scrolling the web pages top/bottom from any point in any webpage.

Scroll To Top Button is a free Chrome Extension to scroll to the end of a webpage and scroll back to the top of any webpage instantly or slowly with just one click. It might not be so important for some people, but yes, it is an extension with a specific function which matters a lot to many others. So, if you have scrolled down to the bottom of any web page, then you can take the help of this extension to go to the top again. Similarly, when you want to check or jump to the end of a webpage, this extension is useful. All you have to do is click the button ptovided by this extension at the top right corner on the webpage. Let us see the working of the extension.


Install the extension from the Chrome web store and just after the installation, you will be presented with the settings of the extension.


You can set the hotkeys to use the extension. For example, you can set the size of the button to be displayed at the top-right corner, scroll speed, mode of the button, distance, etc. Once you have the settings according to your easiness, save the settings and visit any web page.


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As you can see above, I have a fancy pencil like icon/button at the top-right corner. This button will appear on every webpage you will open on Chrome. Apart from this, you can also disable the extension temporarily. This you can do by clicking on the icon of the extension available at top right corner on the browser.

So, this is a simple but interesting extension that can save time when you have scrolled a webpage and want to jump to top or bottom in a single shot.

Visit Extension Homepage.

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