Register an Emoji Domain, Choose Emojis and Check Domain Availability

The media and technology have brought a lot of changes in our lives. The way we used to communicate 10 years ago and the way we communicate now, is a hell lot changed. Today, on behalf of our expressions, emoji works (most of the time). It’s interesting, it’s fun. Emoji language has become so famous that it is available on almost every popular app and service. However, do you know that emoji are also used to register the domains? This was started long ago but is booming now. Many of us might not be aware of the fact that instead of using plain text, we can use our favorite emojis to register a domain. If it sounds interesting to you and planning to register an emoji domain now, then you should try service. (or ❤️❤️❤️.ws) is a free service or search engine (built by GoDaddy) to help you register an emoji domain. You can choose your favorite emojis, check the domain availability and register it on GoDaddy. In fact, this service is itself based on the emoji domain. An important point to note here is ‘.ws‘ is the only domain that you can choose to register a domain with the preferred emoji. We might be able to use other domains in future.


How Is It Possible To Use Emoji To Register A Domain?

Using the Punycode (which is used to convert Unicode characters to ASCII), the three hearts are converted to xn--qeiaa automatically. Therefore, (which is the address of this service) becomes ❤️❤️❤️.ws. So, you are actually using the emojis but behind the scenes, emojis are automatically converted to the browser understandable language. Similarly, if you use emoji other than hearts, it will convert it to some other text. This way, you are using emoji to register a domain.

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How To Register An Emoji Domain Using ❤❤❤.ws Service ?

The homepage above explains half of the article. From the emoji panel, you can select the emoji and the selected emoji will visible on the search bar. Press the Search Domain button to check if the domain with selected emoji/emojis is available or not.


Emoji domains are compatible with all the browsers. Once you search a domain, it will show you if it is available or not, along with the domain price. Once you have found your favorite emoji domain along with the availability, you can purchase it on GoDaddy.


The world is changing fast and technology is the driving force behind it. We are adopting the changes very fast as well. The concept of emoji domain is really awesome. The fact is that people have started buying emoji domains. Some of the emoji domain are already booked and much more are available to register. This service is helping people to register their own emoji domain and you can also register a one if you want.

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