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If you will search on the Internet to send large files online, then you will come across a variety of programs that do the job. However, there is some file limit, premium features, upload limit, registration process, and other things that you have to deal with in such applications. Therefore, I have a new one for you which lets you upload a wide variety of files without any size limit. It is a free large file transfer service which doesn’t require any registration.

Quictransfer is a free service to send large files without any size limit and registration. Just visit the website and you will see an area to drop the file to upload to the cloud. After that, you will receive the unique link to share that file with others. Only one file at a time can be shared but there is no size limit. As per what I have tested, I tried to upload a file more than 5 GB and everything was perfect.

You can also set download limit, which is a fantastic feature. Using that feature, you can set the maximum number of times your uploaded file(s) can be downloaded. After that, the files are deleted automatically from the server. You must also be wondering about the security; same like me. What I found is that the service uses QUIC protocol (it was designed to provide the security equivalent to SSL/TLS). So, it gave me a level of trust about this service. You can also protect your file with a password, which is another feature that catches my attention. Not only this, you can check the stats of each file you uploaded like how many times others have downloaded it, uploaded date, etc. So, based on features, this service seems to be a good alternative to WeTransfer, JustBeamIt, etc.

Let us upload few files and I will show you what file types we can upload here.


Note: The beta version of Quictransfer stores files for maximum one day. After that, the files are deleted.

As you can see, just click on the middle portion of its interface and choose a file from your computer. Right now, I am choosing .mp4 file of 109MBytes. Once you chose the file, you can specify the number of downloads for that file and the password protection. Unfortunately, the password you will type is not hidden behind asterisk or bullet. So, be careful that no one is there or peeking when you are entering the password. Upload file, click Transfer and depending upon your Internet upload speed, the upload process will start.


Once it is all done, you will get two links: one is the download link using which others can download the file and the other one is the stats which is used to check everything about the file. For example, you can check file size, file code, stats code, date uploaded, uploader IP, downloads, link visits and expiry date of the link.

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Now, I myself checked most of the file types which can be uploaded without any problem. Those are video files like .mp4, .flv, .3gp, audio files – .mp3, executable files – .exe, PDF files, Office files – word documents, PPT files, text files, even .ZIP files, image files – PNG, JPG. As you can see, the scope is vast.


You can also upload the files without defining the number of downloads. So, the entire control remains in your hands only. The download link directly downloads the file without creating any confusion by displaying annoying webpages. However, if the file is password protected, then it will prompt for the password which is obvious. It’s a good option to send large files and everything that is promised by the service is done quite well.

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