Preview Any YouTube Video Without Playing Using This Chrome Extension

This was always a concern for me that whenever I try to watch a YouTube video I have to think if this is the video that I should play or switch to something else. I have no choice untilĀ I play the video, loose some data, and then figure out that perhaps I wouldn’t have played that video. But, it is always too late for me. I googled to check if there is some solution for it related to my preferred web browser ‘Chrome’. And yes, I found a very easy solution. It came as an extension “Video Previewavailable free for Google Chrome. I can preview any video and also the rating of that specific video.

Basically, this extension when hovering the mouse cursor over any YouTube video plays a kind of slideshow. That slideshow gives sufficient idea whether the video is worth watching or not. Not only this, it adds a bar below every YouTube video and hovering the cursor over that bar shows the total rating (number of likes from overall rating) of that video. I guess both these features are sufficient to take the decision whether you should move forward to watch that specific YouTube video or not.

preview any youtube video and rating

To use this extension, you only need to install it. Now if you have already opened some YouTube page, then you need to refresh it so that the extension can work on that page.

Move the cursor over a video and tell me what you notice. The slideshow is playing to help you preview the video, right? Yes, this is what this extension do. One after another, images are displayed in the video like it is some animated GIF.

If this is not enough, you can also place the cursor on the bar visible just below the video. Then, you can easily see the total number of likes and the percentage of likes for that video.

play video slideshow and preview rating

Yeah! Now you can decide if you should click the video link to play it or not.

This Video Preview Chrome extension is helping many users like you. All the YouTube lovers can use it when you are running out of the data or using some metered connection.

Homepage of extension.

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