Chrome Extension To Preview A Tab Without Leaving The Active Tab

We all work with multiple tabs while using Chrome, Safari, or any other browser. Where we can easily handle 4-5 tabs, it becomes difficult to manage tabs when 10-15 tabs are opened. Although we have many great extensions to manage Chrome tabs, but those extensions don’t help us preview the tabs. Previewing the tabs is beneficial when we need to quickly have a look at some background tab. While manually, we have to first click on the background tab to view the information and then return to the previously active tab to continue our work, the same task is made easier using a Chrome extension “Peek a tab“.

This Peek a tab Chrome extension is very interesting and has a unique purpose. It lets you preview any background tab without leaving the currently active tab. Yes! We can preview any tab in the full view mode. It looks like we are actually on that specific tab, but it ain’t so. We are still in the active tab but this extension helps to peek a tab in such a way that it looks like we have made the background tab as active tab.


Above you can see an animated GIF which must have cleared everything related to this extension.

You can easily see that there is a list of all the opened tabs in a pop-up and hovering the cursor over a tab helps to preview that tab. This is what this extension does.

When you have installed the extension, its icon will appear on the top right corner. Click that icon and a pop-up will appear which contains the list of all the opened tabs.


This is it! You need to take the help of that pop-up to preview the tabs. Hover the mouse cursor over any tab name and you will see that it is showing that specific tab in full view mode. As soon as you remove the cursor, it will automatically show the active tab.

Here, another important and interesting thing is that the pop-up disappears automatically when you haven’t placed the┬ámouse cursor on it. You need to click the extension icon again to bring the pop-up. So, it won’t disturb you when you don’t want to use it. Or else, you can keep enabled pop-up even if there is no mouse cursor by adjusting the settings.

Peek a tab matters a lot to people who usually work with dozens of tabs. There are many ways to work with multiple tabs simultaneously but then you have to work with tabs in the resized mode. This extension lets you work with any tab in full view mode and lets you peek a tab easily without losing focus from the active tab. Thus, it gives you an easier way to use multiple tabs.

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