Free Website To Prepare for DMV Test: Driver Start

Going through a DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles Explanation on Wikipedia) practice test is a heck of a problem and always a challenge. Even if you know you are confident enough about your driving, there are few questions that create confusion and stop you to roam freely in the city. Well, everyone has to go through this, there is no escape. But yes, you can prepare for DMV test before taking it to get an idea how to deal with those questions.
Driver Start is a free website to prepare for DMV test, designed in such a manner that will give you an exact idea what to do in a test and how to deal with questions.
Let us see how it works. Just visit the website and you will get a webpage (shown below) where you can choose your state. Yes, the tests and questions are presented according to the states. This website is mainly useful for US.


Once you select the state, you will be presented a bunch of options to prepare for DMV test. You are free to select the test type. I have selected Utah here and see what I got:


Here, you can either start practicing or scroll down to see further options provided by the service like you can download an app for android/iOS devices. Let’s start by pressing “Start Test” and see what happens next:


Now, you can either ‘Start Practice Test’ or click on Stuff To Learn option. Here, you will also come to know how many questions will be there and how many answers should be correct to pass the test. Click “Start the Practice”. You will start getting the questions as shown below:


So, we have begun the practice here. After completing the practice session you will be given your score. Accordingly, you can prepare for DMV test.

Before starting the test, you can also check Stuff to learn section. Let us see what happens when we click on “Stuff to Learn” section. You will see multiple ways to prepare. You can choose any of them shown below:


Here, as you can see we have options to learn from Flash Cards, List of Questions or download the PDF. Read Manual option here gives you the option to download the whole PDF which contains all the information about rules, regulations and directions in the state as shown in below image:


These are the bunch of options you can choose to learn and prepare for DMV test. An important point to note here is along with the preparation, you should also have some basic idea to answer the questions. So, preparation and instincts will help you in clearing the DMV Test. All The Best!

Homepage of Driver Start.

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