Practice Typing Online with This Free Typing Shooting Game

Typing is always an important part of every single person having the profession in the computer field. There are so many typing tools, games, software, and apps available which we can use to practice typing and improve the typing speed. Among such typing tools, I recently came across a very interesting typing shooting game which can really be a good option to improve the typing speed in a playful manner.

ZType is what the name of that typing shooting game. This game doesn’t come with instructions or readme manual. So, nothing is there to teach you how to type i.e. there are no tactics, rules or tutorials. Still, the game is really easy to play.

The battle begins in the outer space. You (sitting inside a fighter jet) have to face and shoot your army. Your army is random words that will try to come near to you. Kill them before they reach you. Otherwise, the game is over! Yes, this is what makes this free typing shooting game interesting. You have the choice to play with random words or paste any text or online text file URL. The speed of words will increase wave by wave (you can also say levels).

Start Practice Typing Online With ZType Typing Shooting Game:

Once you visit the homepage, you will be presented a couple of options. Have a look below:

ZType- practice typing online with this typing shooting game

You can use new game option to begin the game with random words or use “load your own text” option to paste the text of your choice or insert online file URL.


When the battle begins, you will see some words coming down. Yes, that’s it, wait is over! Start shooting the words by typing them on the keyboard before they come. If you miss even a single word, you are dead.

shoot words before they reach

When you have shot all the words, WAVE 001 is cleared, but that’s not over yet. More words will come wave by wave. Be ready and don’t give up.

Once the game is finished, you will be shown your Stats. You can see where you stand and how much you have to improve. Below are my stats and I have reached to WAVE 016 i.e. Level 016.


As you can see in the above image, it is showing my accuracy in typing words is 93.4. It will not show you the speed in words per minute/second. Instead of that, Longest Streak is shown which is not specified in the game.

The good thing is the content in this game is not limited and very good. The gaming environment and sound is superb.

So, don’t wait if you have already liked this game. Start practice typing online and begin the war.

ZType Homepage.

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