Play Music Only in One Tab at a Time using Firefox Add-on

I guess we all face this problem that when using Firefox browser or any other browser, some background tab starts playing audio automatically and without our knowledge. It’s hard to figure out easily which tab is playing the music when too many tabs are opened. So, when we play music in the active tab, two audios are mixed which is really irritating, isn’t it!

What if the audio you are playing in the current tab continues to play and another audio in other tab gets muted automatically. Yes, this is possible through “Smart Tab Mute“, which is a Firefox Addon.

Smart Tab Mute automatically detects if the browser is playing one audio or more than one. After that, it mutes the other audios playing in the background tabs. This is what I have tried to show you in the image below.

only active tab is playing audio

Also check this: Firefox add-on to record HTML5 videos as animated GIFs.

This Firefox add-on doesn’t have any icon as it works in the background. It also doesn’t require browser restart. Install and it will start working in the background silently.

active tab playing audio

As you can see in the above image, the background tab shows a muted audio icon and only the active tab is playing the audio. This happens by itself in the background. I am playing only two videos here, you can play more videos/audios in other tabs, but only the active tab will play the audio.

It works quite well, but sometimes it might take some time to mute the previous audio. Also, if you switch back to the background tab, the tab becomes active tab, but it won’t unmute the tab, you have to unmute from your side. The add-on works great whenever you open a new tab or play a new video in the new active tab.

Wanna try this add-on? Here is the homepage link-

Smart Tab Mute Homepage.

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