Chrome Extension to Play Animated GIFs in Google Image Search Results

Google Image Search is a whole treasure to find almost any type of image we want. Just a few keywords and enter key do the work for us. However, when we have to find animated GIFs, then Google Image Search results do the half of the task. It is so because we can’t preview animated GIFs. It doesn’t play GIF and shows only the still image. So what’s the choice?

At that time, you need to click the thumbnail and then you will be able to check if that is an animated GIF or still image. The second option is to save the image by right-clicking on that thumbnail and then use Chrome or other browser or some GIF player that can play the animated GIF you have downloaded (to make sure it is actually an animated GIF and not the still image).

However, one more convenient and probably the best way is take the help of a Chrome extension “GoogleGIFs“. This extension automatically plays the animated GIFs that are visible in Google Image Search results.

play animated gifs in google image search

You must have got an idea using the above recording related to this GoogleGIFs extension. However, if you still need some explanation, then keep reading.

Play Animated GIFs In Google Image Search Results:

Go to the extension homepage and install the extension. On the homepage, you won’t find any image related to the work of extension. However, this doesn’t mean that extension don’t work.

Once you have installed the extension, the only thing you have to do is start the image search using Google. In the thumbnails, you will see that animated GIFs are playing automatically. You can also click on an animated GIF to view it in large view mode.

This is what this extension does. You don’t have to click even a single button or enable some option to preview animated GIFs in Google Image Search.

There are two benefits of using this extension. One is we can easily identify the difference between animated GIF and the still image and the second is that we can preview and check if the animated GIF is worth downloading or not.

Visit This Chrome Extension.

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