Software To Extract Highlighted Text from PDF, Set Page Range To Extract

Highlighting a text content in a PDF is quite easy as we just need Adobe Reader or Adobe Reader DC or some other PDF annotator tool. However, when we have to extract highlighted text from PDF, we need to look for some other tool(s), which can help us. To do this in an easier manner, here is a very simple and portable software, which is named as “PDF Highlight Extractor“. This software lets you extract highlighted text from PDF in a matter of clicks.

Using this software, you need to enter a PDF and give a click to fetch all the highlighted content available in the input PDF. When it has done that, you can save all the highlighted text as a plain text file or EXCEL file.


The thing I like the most is that it supports single page as well as multipage PDF files. However, only one PDF can be inserted at a time. Also, you can set the page range of the input PDF file. This will make searching faster as the software has to analyze only the selected page range.

If you are curious how you can do all this, then you may follow the steps mentioned below.

Extract Highlighted Text from PDF:

Step 1: Open the UI of this PDF Highlight Extractor software. This software doesn’t need installation. However, make sure Java is installed on your PC to run this software. If you are looking for the download location of this software, then you may jump to the end of this article.

Step 2: This software has a very simple interface and all the options available in its interface are self-explanatory. You first need to enter the path of PDF file from which you want to extract the highlighted text content. You can use that Search icon to enter the input file from PDF.

Step 3: When the PDF is inserted, you can press the ‘Extract’ button. This will search all the pages of PDF file and show the highlighted text content on its interface. However, if you want to begin the search in a specific range, then you set the page range also.


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Step 4: This is the last step. The software gives you two options to save the output i.e. highlighted text. You can save the highlighted text content as Excel or plain Text file. Both the options work as I expected. You can select the output location and save the highlighted content.

For people like me and other who most of the times feel the need to keep a backup of the important text content available in a PDF file, this software is a savior. The fact that the software is too easy makes it a good choice. If you ever have to extract highlighted text from PDF, then I think you should try it.

Visit PDF Highlight Extractor Homepage.

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