Optimize Online Images Before Downloading using Chrome Extension

Hi everyone! Downloading the beautiful images from webpages is a common task for every regular user. Most of us have to share those images on our social networking accounts, use them as desktop wallpapers, or for some other purpose.

Downloading the images is not an issue, but you might have noticed that some of the images are bigger than the normal size (at least than what we have expected). So, if you want to save your data or using a metered connection and want to download the images with optimized size while browsing on Chrome browser, then perhaps “Tiny Beest Image Optimization” extension would be a perfect option for you. The height and width of the downloaded image remain the same, but the size is optimized automatically. So if an image is 50 KB in size, it can optimize the image up to 29 KB or more; without affecting the height and width.

You also won’t be able to recognize which one is the original image. Also, if the original image is already optimized, it will try to optimize it a bit more, but output might not come as you expect. Still, the answer is sure that original image will come good to use.

You can download this extension from Chrome web store and give it a place in your extensions manager section. After adding it, you will see its icon at the top right corner as highlighted in red square below:


That’s it! Now you can visit any web page to download a wallpaper for your desktop or any image of any size. Right-click on the image that you want to download and you will see the “Tiny Beest Image Optimization” option. Now, you have the choice if you want to optimize the image with original size or with preset sizes (1920px, 1280, 600px width, etc.).

optimize image with original size or with preset size

You can choose any option to resize the image or just go with Optimize current size option to keep the height and width of theĀ image as it is and download the image with optimized size.

Do not hesitate to try this extension if you have already decided. It works as per what I have already explained and perhaps the best solution to save online images with optimized size without many efforts.

Homepage of Tiny Beest Image Optimization.

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